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  1. okay so i made a custom modpack. well up until recently everyone who plays on it could well until yesterday my brother tried to play and when he joins it crashes the server. but i and everyone else can play just fine its just him. here's the error report:
  2. i noticed that some days if nobody downloads/ installs it doesn't show anything. D; but thanks guys!
  3. yes get MCPC+ for the version of your MC/Forge and then i would suggest Essentials. i use it on my server for plenty of things!
  4. Hello i am wondering how does the Modpack Statistics work? could anyone explain this for me? thanks in advance! this is what im talking about:
  5. i actually just made a modpack myself with 136 mods or so. its pretty laggy at times and needs optifine but none of the current 1.6.4 versions work with my pack for some odd reason. other that the unbearable lag at times. its an awesome pack. but then again single player is fine like all the time its just when i play on my home hosted server which could be why its so laggy. but id defiantly be interested in doing this with you. actually looking for fellow minecrafters for this type of thing/ playing modpacks. a youtube series would be awesome as well. I've been meaning to get started on youtube as well. im great at getting a modpack put together and all the dependencies and all that stuff its just the stability is where im a noobie in. let me know if you wanna go forward with this.
  6. check your internet connection to see if your connected that would be the only way there in offline mode or if you clicked offline mode. also try restarting the client and/or your computer.
  7. pastebin your crash report? we cant help without that.
  8. generally each player needs about 300MB for there data. i myself have ran a tekkit server on 3 and 4GB servers. right now im running a custom modpack on a 4GB server which the modpack has 136 mods and me and 5 friends play on the server, so i would suggest either a 3GB or 4GB server. and if you get filezilla you directly upload the tekkit.jar on to there. i would never pay to have a .jar installed when its very simple to do. but with my host they have options where you can install them with just a click of a button. check them out: with the code "advlobbies" you can get a 4GB server for $33.60. but the code also works with any recurring subscription so you can go with a 3GB server as well. EDIT: i forgot to add this is for the SSD premium servers. i am not sure if it works with HDD budget servers. you can try though!
  9. Hello i am not sure if this is the right place to post this or if i can post a link to my modpack or if ill get in trouble for it. but im hoping this is the right place and i can post a link. well the problem is im looking to add optifine to my custom modpack because the lag is unbearable and i cant seem to get it working. was wondering if someone could try? im not sure if im doing something wrong or what. my modpack is 1.6.4 so i would need the same optifine version. here is the link to my modpack: thanks so much in advance!
  10. Thanks! is the "flan's mod modern weapons pack" the one with US, EU, and RU weapons?