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  1. Great post, thanks for replying. However, I feel like that kind of community is mostly an illusion. Yeah, that's probably a pretty strong thing to be saying, almost like I'm completely dismissing everything you said. That's not my intent, I can understand there is a desire for casual gameplay environments. Low stress low effort places to just mess around and have fun. I get that. My issue is that this is the case with nearly every single public server I've run into. Is that simply the nature of public servers? Catering to the least common denominator? Making a place for people who don't ca
  2. Are all open servers like this? Inundated with gameplay obsoleting mods? Build an airship, dial up a portal, strap on a jetpack, morph into a bat, great ways to travel...but not needed, just type /tpa or /warp. Travel the world or build fantastic automated factories using technology to get the materials you need to create the things you want! Nope just warp to the shop and buy it with the in game currency, possibly that you paid for with real money. Whitelisted servers are the only ones that I've seen that avoid this, but they tend to be unstable. Lag, downtime, crashes. Minecraft serv
  3. IGN: Saedin Age: 27 Specialty: I enjoy building and learning how to use the various mods, though I'm not very good or experienced at building Location: East Coast USA I love playing MineCraft, most especially with other people on a server with a community. Ideally I'd be an in game presence who is helpful in chat and participates in server projects, like shops and spawn town. I don't want to play on an open server with all those unnecessary mod additions (essentials, towny, etc) they take away gameplay from the mod pack and community. I'd like a stable server, one that isn't constantly
  4. -player section- Minecraft username: Saedin (optional)Age: 27 Why you want to play on this server: I'm looking for an authentic B-Team experience without towny, or essentials or other cheaty mods. How you found this server: Perusing the server forums. Have you been banned from other servers, if so why?: Nope. How well do you know the mods?: I know a few relatively well and I'm looking to learn more about the others. How often do you play?: Hours a day. Why do you feel you should be accepted?: I'm a friendly and active player willing to help the community in any way, with building, t
  5. Hi I'm Saedin. Is this a default pack, no mods added? No essentials? If so I'd love to join. I'm Saedin in game as well.
  6. Hiya, I'm Tony, I prefer my in game name 'Saedin'. I'm a 27 year old on the East Coast looking for a server with only the default mods in the mod pack (No towny, essentials, etc). I feel like they devalue the community and mods. I'm a decent builder who's always looking to learn more and improve. I'm a friendly and active dedicated player who loves to be helpful and assist the server community in any way, even if it's just a bit of advice about a mod pack I'm knowledgeable of. If you'd be willing to allow me on your server you can contact me here or my email [email protected] - hope to
  7. Never mind, it seems I was wrong. I read your server store packages and it seems this isn't the server I was looking for.
  8. Hi I'm Saedin, in game as well. I love MineCraft, I play it a lot. I've been playing the MadPack a whole bunch of tons lately, but I'm sick of all the mobs destroying my stuff. I just want to build stuff and all the bugs make me mad. BugCraft is a terrible mod. I watch the B-Team on the YouTubes and I love the things they do. I'd like to attempt what they do, minus the YouTube video posting. I'm 27 years old, so you can expect me to act reasonably mature. I'm friendly and I don't kidnap children and eat their soft tender flesh. This short blurb is too long, sorry about that. I would lo
  9. Hi, I'm Saedin in game. I'm looking for this server, one without player teleporting!
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