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  1. Why you want to join: i wanna join for a small good community that there is contact age:16 In-Game Name:macx22 What your good at:building Other:if i join i would like too accept my frende too and im new on hexxit
  2. IGN macx22 age 16 i like too play with frendes for that i search for a private server too play with
  3. Ingame name:macx22 How long you have played mc/b-team: 1 year How often you play mc/b-team:time too time Country:greece Age:16 Other information:none
  4. write your skype name : macx11 in game name : macx22 age: 16
  5. IGN :macx22 Skype :macx11 Age :16 Why you want to join : i try to find a server with out griefing Experience in the Attack of the B Team mod pack : some from the single player
  6. Minecraft username: macx22 Where you found this server? thechnic forum Why you want to be on this sever? cose i want a server with out griefing What are you planning on doing on the server? be a traber Your favourite colour? its blue
  7. Ign:macx22 Age:16 Location:greece Why Would You Like To Join:i like a small frendly server with out griefing How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT: not a lot What Mod Are You Best At: no one Skype:macx11
  8. IGN:macx22 Skype name:macx11 Age:16 Why you want to join the server:i like a small community with out griefing What mods you think you'll focus on:i like to build so i think i will not focus in one mod
  9. IGN:macx22 Age:15 Location:greece Modpack experience 1 to 10:5 Building skills 1 to 10:8 Why you?:cose if u learn me im a realy funny guy Anything extra you want to add?:i will play us long there are good frendes on (i hate play alone)
  10. In Game Nick:macx22 Skype:macx11 Age:15 Country:greece Modpack Experience: some of the mods Basic Online Times: at the dayllight Favorite Mod: the mod pack like it is Why do you want to play on the Server:i like privates servers cose of griefing What do you like to do on the Server: build What should we know about you: i like to play with frende and do pranks (and too me)
  11. IGN:macx22 AGE:15 Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale:4 Why do you want to join?:i want to join in a private server for learn the modpack i have play litle on singleplayer but i dont like too play alone
  12. 1. IGN:macx22 2. Age:15 3. Maturity Level (1-10):5 i can be mature but i dont like it its just not me 4. Experience with AOTBT: enouth for play it 5. Skype Name:macx11 6. Personality:im just a nice guy who like too play and have fun 7. Good at Building?: only if i like what i build 8. Why should you be accepted?:i prefere too play with frendes i hate single player
  13. IGN:macx22 Name(Optional):nick Age(no limit):15 Why do you want join?:i try to find a server with community Skype[Required!!!]: macx11 How does a city sound to you(AoTBTwise...)?: perfect
  14. IGN:macx11 Age:15 Youtube (Optional):no What you are good at: build Why should I pick you/why do you want to join:i like to play with frendes Time Zone:gmt+2 Skype: macx11
  15. IGN:macx22 Age:15 What do you like to do: build What do you dislike: mining What do you like to do in real life: do everythink Time zone, nearest city if you don't know: gmt+2
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