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  1. What is the problem with the permissions list of the modpack? I worked really hard on it, and asked every modder who doesn't give permissions to every pack too. even the music creator of the VoxelMenuMusic. please, if your comment doesn't help anyone, just don't post it. I don't work this hard for these comments. as you said, yes. that did take a lot of effort. and I did it alone. so please explain what is the problem with the permissions list - I don't get it.
  2. v0.5.1 is OUT! please read the changelog in the modpack page.
  3. Update v0.5.0 is OUT! full changelog is in the Modpack Page!
  4. Are you playing on a server?
  6. If you want, I can recommend you >my modpack for 1.7.10. RedPower -> ProjectRed is in. ICBM is "still" not out for 1.7.10, i'm asking myself if ever it will. ComputerCraft, MFFS, BuildCraft and Mekanism are in my pack. hope you have fun
  7. Thank you for your response! as a modpack developer, these are the features that I thought were the most important.
  8. Someone on the minecraft forums told me he want to do a let's play with the pack yesterday. i'll update it here when it'll come out
  9. Amazing! great work. I just have few questions: - in the launcher will be an option to see changelogs along the updates? - anything new with Solder? can't wait. - maybe an option to an official place to put server download? thanks!
  10. The modpack has been updated guys!!! full changelog is in the technic platform page.
  11. I recommend you to take a look at >my modpack. enjoy.
  12. Have a look at >my modpack if you're searching about something like that.
  13. v0.4.4 is OUT. full changelog from the technic platform page:
  14. I did a little research for you and nope. But, why would you want to change the email anyway? It's not like the technic forums that sends you notifications.
  15. Enough testing. v0.4.3 is OUT! full changelog from the technic platform page:
  16. Update v0.4.2 is OUT! full changelog is in the technic platform modpack page. enjoy guys!
  17. Guys I will really appreciate it if you can publish the pack too, I really want people to enjoy the hard work.
  18. If you guys are intrested, HERE'S the modpack playtime statistics. you can click the All Time and the Client/Server and see how much time people in the world played in the pack! how cool -playtime statistics were collected from v0.3.5+.
  19. Update v0.4.1 is OUT guys! Full Changelog from the Technic Page:
  20. Thank you very much. this issue going to be fix in an update tomorrow