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  1. This can all be summarized down to, get more ram, get a better network, kill unneeded processes, and manage your chunk loader usage. This is pretty much the gist of what he said just in a way more drawn out and convoluted fashion. It's not really useful to list off random stuff that could be wrong without telling him how to fix the random stuff you list off.
  2. That was really hard to understand. Could you try separating your thoughts with punctuation?
  3. 1. Open the launcher 2. Click the settings, gear icon, in the upper right corner 3. Change the max ram Technic is allowed to use from 512 Mb to 1 or 1.5 gigabytes 4. Profit
  4. It looks like they are changing a lot of the ways you craft the old ic2 features, but they have not really added any new features to strive for... besides a boat. I had a look and it seems that quantum armor is still in the mod. That has, and always will be, the killer for me.
  5. It is from a fantastic mod called Ars Magica. You should try it out sometime; it's quite enjoyable.
  6. The luckiest I've been when exiting limbo was porting back to the overworld barely in sight of the Arcmage Tower. Now I stayed clear of the tower guardian without my magic resistant armor, but it was nice finding it without needing to go hunt down a wisp.
  7. Try browsing the custom modpack section of the website.
  8. Just throw the mods from Tekkit that are not in Hexxit into Hexxit's mod folder. You may get a few block ID conflicts, but those are easy enough to fix. All of those mods will work together.
  9. What mods do you and your friends want to play with?
  10. It is proper internet etiquette to explain "how" you fixed you issue. This is to help anyone in the future who finds your post with a similar problem.
  11. *friendly* *helpful* ---------------- *Raid On* *Grief On* Hahahahahahahahaha. Good luck with that.
  12. You have to hold down the mouse button to move stuff around in your inventory? This has always been the case in minecraft ever since beta.
  13. You don't register for Tekkit. You need to purchase a copy of Minecraft from minecraft.net, and then enter your details into the technic launcher. Tekkit will send the information to minecraft.net and request a fresh instal of minecraft to modify for you. This prevents people who have not purchased minecraft from getting a copy with out paying for it. As for how to register for other things, you usually need an email address. Simply navigate to a mail host like gmail.com and click register. Fill out the required fields and you will then have your very own email account.
  14. Short answer, no. Long answer, look up Microsoft's policy on game licensing, especially the cost of publishing DLC.
  15. All you do is download the server package, extract it, and double click launch. I'm really not sure were you went wrong.
  16. Usually the reason for this is that not enough information is given by the op. We have to either guess at what you are doing wrong, or just not respond at all.
  17. Try starting over and follow this tutorial. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Tutorials/Setting_up_a_server There isn't much difference between an vanilla and a modded server.
  18. All of you, stop. It is a simple issue, and little of the information you guys are asking for is relevant. Dino, I want you to try this and tell me if it solves you problem. Open up the launcher, and in the top right corner click the gear icon. Click on memory and change it from 1 GB to either 2 or 3 GB. Be careful to not use up too much ram though. To know how much you have to work with, right click the taskbar at the bottom of your screen (the bar were the start button is located) and click Start Task Manager. This lets you keep track of a bunch of nifty things on your computer like applications, processes, and memory and cpu usage. Usually, in the performance tab, the top is for cpu and the bottom is for random access memory (ram). Once you tell Technic that it is ok to use more ram, you should not run into that issue anymore. Edit: Normal, the iPhone uses iOS, which literally stands for iPhone Operating System.
  19. The config from the client must match the config of the server. Just copy and past your client config into the empty server config folder.
  20. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 178 is already occupied by [email protected] when adding [email protected] Slot 178 (a block ID) is already occupied by the Equivalent Exchange torch. Then when forge tried to add enderstorage, it was like "Wait a minute, this block ID is already taken!" You need to go into the config folder, open up the enderstorage config, and than change the number next to the enderchest to something else. You can turn on the ID dump in the NEI config to find out which block IDs have not been taken. Simply open the text file that is made when you run minecraft with that feature turned on.
  21. When the motors have enough bluetricity, the two blue lights near the bottom will light up. The motor in that picture is out of power.
  22. You said you haven't tried connecting with the Tekkit Classic modpack. Why don't you go and give that a try?
  23. Tekkit Clasic 3.1.3 is for Minecraft version 1.2.5 Tekkit 1.1.8 is for Minecraft version 1.5.2 You need to know what modpack, and what version of the modpack your server is running in order to connect. You said you were an OP on the server, so I can only assume you have the administrators contact information.
  24. Have you tried connecting with the Tekkit Classic modpack in the new launcher?
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