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  1. I was correcting your syntax. print"Test text" ^this is not correct.
  2. mon = peripheral.wrap("right") print("Test text")
  3. Wooden pipes do not connect to wooden pipes. Also, use facades.
  4. It's like DayZ, only for minecraft, and requires a subscription.
  5. Many, many mod items do not throw proper block break events which Greifprevention relies on to function. When greifers log in, and see that no items are banned, and greifing is not allowed, they just laugh and use one of the many, many items that are incorrectly ported to Bukkit.
  6. Where do you have your wind turbines set up? Edit: The ninjas, they are fast.
  7. You didn't only kill that one fish, you killed two fish, one blue fish, one red fish. I wish to ride your little red wagon.
  8. Your wish is too complicated. You get cloths instead. I wish grandparents didn't think cloths were an appropriate gift for any holiday.
  9. I hear straw golems are all the rage this year.
  10. You should really play Tekkit Lite. All of the mods add a lot of new features in the move to 1.4. If you really want to play 1.2.5 though, than classic is the way to go.
  11. When enough mods push out significant updates, the whole pack updates shortly after. You can keep track of which mods have updated and which mods have not. Simply click on each mod's website in the Donate tab of the home page.
  12. It's a silly feature, just double click the search box.
  13. Is that your artwork Cheap? I'm loving it. :)
  14. If you are a bit creative, you can also emulate a lot of common bukkit plugins with mod items. Teleporters, for /spawn, and personal safes/warded stone for lokkit.
  15. You could "probably" do things more efficiently with tubes and pipes, but having a bunch of little minions running around, sorting items, throwing items into a fire demon to munch on (smelt), as well as collecting wheat and delivering it to a feed station for my cows is just so amazingly awesome and adorable to watch. I also have a wooden golem in my chicken coop collecting the eggs and putting it in a dispenser to hatch more baby chickens. When you're planning out your golems, remember that golems are one block high, and thus can go through little "golem holes" to make them like the little coal spiders from spirited away. Golems can also open and close trap doors and fence gates. I have a golem bringing in potatoes from outside, and a fence gate in my wall that he can pass through, but other mobs can't. Thaumcraft introduces the kind of fun, and fantastical magic akin to spirited away, and howl's moving castle. It has much less serious, hardcore battle magic which I actually really like about this mod.
  16. Yup, I just got a potency 3, treasure 3, charging 1 wand for it too. Gonna go diamond mining now. As for forestry, I've never been really into it. I played it a little before he threw his tantrum, and a little bit after by adding it manually. I've always had more fun setting up farms with other mods, and with the new, adorable, straw golems, I don't ever think I'll need a forestry wheat farm. I've been following some of Floristar's videos, and some of the non-farm aspects do seem a little interesting, so I'll probably give it a try when I have a surplus of resources.
  17. Please install it yourself until it gets added to the main pack. Thaumcraft 3 is the most amazing mod I have ever played, and has topped my best mods list above Redpower 2.
  18. They're still raw, fresh off the chicken. I wish I could stop forgetting my syntax when I switch programming languages every semester.
  19. You will get your cake. However you must complete a series of 19 puzzles involving the use of a handheld portal device. Please attempt to avoid the Progress Discouragement Bullets. I wish for the money to upgrade my hand built 3D printer.
  20. The rules of wish granting cannot be wished upon. Your wish is denied. I wish for a giant purple people eater.
  21. Check to make sure you local ip has not changed. If it has, simply change the ip in your port forwarding options to the new ip, and set your current local ip to be static/ reserved. Next, make sure you don't have another instance of the server running on your computer. If you try to launch a second server through a port that is already in use, you will get a "Failed to bind port" error.
  22. If you're running Tekkit classic, you will have a few mods that are improperly ported to Bukkit. They do not throw proper BlockBreak and BlockPlace events. The major culprits are Equivalent Exchange, ComputerCraft, BuildCraft, Railcraft, Redpower, IndustrialCraft, Balkon's Weapon mod, and modular force field systems. You have two options, one develop a semi-private community in which users have no incentive to destroy their friends work. Or two, trudge through all the items that bypass protection in every mod and disable every single one of them. If you do a bit of searching on this forum and through Google, you should find a few lists of banned items. If you need a quick fix now, Equivalent Exchange has the most common, and easiest to use tools for destroying protected blocks.
  23. This would fit perfectly if only we had light sabers.
  24. Give me a moment to think... Ok, so what you want essentially is a way to store, withdraw, and directly use your money in a secure, yet easy, manner. Here are a few ideas off the top of my head. 1. The mod - I will be using ComputerCraft in my ideas. You can accomplish the same functionality with Redpower, but using such a low level language as FORTH, while it does give you added power, also needlessly complicates the set-up. Keep It Simple Stupid. 2. The Credit Card - The floppy disks in computer craft have no security that I know of. For this to work, the floppy must contain some form of personal key unique to each user. However, there is nothing stoping users from plopping a card in a disk drive, reading the Key, and making infinite copies both for personal use, but also for malicious intent. So, what can we do? Well it's simple, do not store the plane text password on the floppy disc. 3. Encription - It's silly to use a complex encryption algorithm for minecraft money, but if you feel up for the challenge then go for it. What you can do is use a simple letter transposition. Every month, pick a number between 1 and 36 (26 letters plus 10 numbers (0-9)) and shift the alphabet over by that amount. So if you picked 4, 'a' becomes 'e', 'r' becomes 'v', and 'y' becomes '2'. '8' wraps around and becomes 'c'. The strength of this system comes from a concept known as "Secutiy through obscurity". This is generally frowned upon in the world of information security, for the precise reason that once someone figures out your mechanics, they can easily guess the shift number and the system is compromised. When a user creates their password, store their password and random shift number on a secure computer, then print the shifted password to their Credit Card for easy use later. When they plop in their card, read the shifted pass, and the name of the card. Ask the central database to use the shift number corresponding to that card's name (player name) to return the password. If they match, then the user has access to his/her funds. Reading back through this, I can tell I didn't do a superb job of explaining things. I have to go to class now, but I'll try to expand this later today.
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