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  1. Yup, and pipes too. The input is the top and bottom and the output is the sides. Buildcraft pipes should work too.
  2. What about an automatic brewer that lets you select the type and quantity you would like in a computer? Now that sounds like fun.
  3. Fire resist potion anyone? :P
  4. For that, you need to watch Direwolf20's Season 4 Lets Play. Basically, the Yogscast are for the lolz; Direwolf is for actually learning the mods.
  5. Oh god, the secret is spreading! :O
  6. If they do not want their items stolen they can also simply use personal safes.
  7. EE2 is NOT fun, and that's all I have to say about that.
  8. Well, there are links to all the mod makers pages on the donate bar of the home page. Why don't you go find out if they have all updated to 1.3 yet?
  9. Good news is that the version of IndustrialCraft in the most recent Tekkit update has finally fixed jet packs not working in multiplayer. You now can feather your landing without taking damage as well as turn Hover Mode on with the Mode Switch key.They are a good cheap alternative to the Swiftwolfs.
  10. What I found the be my favorite combo is in no way the most efficient or best for PvP. It is the most fun for me, personally. My standard kit is to wear quantum boots and legs for the added mobility and then either a lappack for my chainsaw and drill, an electric jet pack for flying around near home, or a fuel jet pack (with some extra buckets of fuel and a jet pack re-fueler) for long distance travel. By not wearing the quantum chest plate and playing on hard (what other difficulties are there? ) I am still at least partially vulnerable to mobs. This makes things like a wheat farm, as well as a computer controlled potion maker still useful. I do not wear a quantum helmet because I like the taste of my fine cuisine rather than the bland food packets my helmet deals out. To directly answer your question though, the pickaxe is the way to go without the batpack or lappack since the drill runs out of power quite quickly. In addition, the chainsaw acts as an axe, shear, and diamond sword, so is worth carrying around over a normal sword. P.S. I should probably add that I do not play with EE at all. I simply do not enjoy that mod.
  11. No, it looks like Nik went outside, into the sun, to go find a Truffela tree for his Thneed (which got deleted?). Or maybe he is complaining about how all the Truffela trees got deleted. Anyways, Nik2698, you need to go visit the Once-ler. He lives at the far end of town where the Grickle-Grass grows, and the wind smells slow and sour when it blows, and no birds ever sing, excepting old crows on the street of the Lifted Lorax. Ask him. He knows.
  12. Sure thing. Once you know the basics, monitors are super easy to use. Can you tell me what you have done so far/ want to do, so that I know were to start?
  13. If you are going to remake this thread in the correct subforum, which I'm sure you will, I recommend adding more details to your request. For example, what are your server specs, and who is your server host? If I may ask though, what happened to your old server? Finally, do not bump your thread. If people are able to provide a response based on the quality of your first post, they will. Otherwise, you will have to improve your thread or let it die.
  14. Just going to leave this here. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/easy-way-to-crash-servers-with-cc-and-fix.24969/
  15. Let mission Shoot Tartigrades at Other Planets to Seed Life On Them, TOPSLOT for short, commence!
  16. Spoilers: It's simply a shield surrounding your house.
  17. Expose them to the vacuum of space for a few months. Bring them back inside, give them some moss to walk around on and water to drink and they're all like "Sup guys, how's the weather?"
  18. Make sure you waterproof your pipe by crafting it together with some pipe waterproofing. Cook cactus in a furnace and then craft the green dye into pipe waterproofing.
  19. Assuming you do not have EE enabled that is.
  20. You will most definitely want to disable trees as well. Charcoal is a form of renewable energy that totally destroys the experience your are trying to create on your server.
  21. Why do you need to be credited? Sure it's the polite thing to do, but you're asking someone else to do the hard work to make your idea a reality. I would be content with simply seeing people enjoying my ideas. Isn't that what modding is all about? To increase the fun; not to gain fame and glory?
  22. In this version of redpower (and to a lesser extent in the most recent release) some machines have trouble being moved by frames, particularly ones which use their position to operate. Computercraft computers being moved mid program also have trouble in the 1.3 version of computer craft (fixed in 1.4). I suggest you set up a simple one direction inchworm drive, and test out each machine individually. I know that the IC2 miner, and the Buildcraft pump absolutely hate being moved and will happily crash your game. You need to stop moving, deploy them, let them do their work, retract them, then break them, and start moving again.
  23. Well you never want the learning curve to be as steep as in EVE Online. People tend to be overwhelmed when they see all the items (mainly micro blocks) and don't know were to start. Playing vanilla at least teaches them to build a 3x3x3 dirt hut with a wooden door and a torch before night falls.
  24. That's strange. 13 and fireflame, could you post your crash log? There may be hints that point to another problem you haven't considered.
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