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  1. So 1.103 made the crop matron an i-sided inventory? Did it also fix fertilizer, water, and weed-ex being applied to fully grown crops?
  2. A crop-matron will cover a 9x9x3 area. That's 4 blocks away in all 4 directions and one block both up and down from the machine. I don't think you need that many. Both a water source block and a crop-matron cover a 9x9 area. See if you could use this fact to streamline your design.
  3. You're in luck. I just posted a guide earlier today to help you out. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/comprehensive-industrial-craft-farming-guide.26203/
  4. You may also be spelling your username incorrectly. That, or you are capitalizing every other letter by mistake.
  5. I fixed it for you. Sorry, but a lot of these features come with the default server package, as well as Essentials.
  6. Pneumatic tubes will send items to the closest available inventory. Simply place another chest down with a pipe connected to it. Think about it this way, Buildcraft pipes push items and the items will go wherever they can, and Redpower pulls items starting with the closest inventory.
  7. I know I haven't been on much ever since college started back up, but would it be possible for you to send a copy of the old map to people who want to move their builds into their single player world?
  8. Redpower frames convert everything that is a tile entity into a temporary block (looks like a crate) and then restores that tile entity after the move. This is why tubes, pipes, and machines work on frame ships. Zeplin mod converts the entire craft into one big moving entity. This allows it to rotate and go through portals (a bit buggy). However, since the entire ship is an entity, machines and tubes will not work while you are moving.
  9. Try disabling the crafting of the tools and just use them for decoration.
  10. Ah, I agree with that, wind gens could definitely be implemented better. As for SUC reactors, I always felt that setting one of those up was both more fun, and felt more like an actual reactor then the simplified version in the core mod. I never did like the old 5 by 5 boxes of reinforced stone with a fully functional nuclear reactor at the core. It just seemed boring without the need for a cooling tower and an advanced control system. Having a tower with snowmen sitting on top of block breakers, or a field of pumps/compressors making snow and then ice is unfathomably more fun then making a boring ol' 5x5 grey box with a lever.
  11. Like all generators, the use of a wind farm is dependent on both your supplies, and your terrain. If you are on a mountain or large hill, I would recommend going for a wind farm. If you are in a cave, or a relativity low plain, I recommend going for a different form of power. But, for you to say that wind farms are useless is just silly.
  12. Well if you are early in your world and cannot afford a small one chamber reactor, I recommend you stay away from solar panels. Remember, solar panels produce the same as a manned water mill or water strainer. However, solar panels cost much much more than a water mill, and they only work half the day. The one benefit to solars is that, with the compact solars add-on, you can magically squish up to 512 of them down into a single block. In terms of limited resources though, I recommended looking for a lava lake as you mine for diamond, or go pump from the nether. Geothermals produce the equivalent EU/t of 20 solar panels, and they only cost a generator, four glass, two iron, and two empty cells. That is compared to the 40 electronic circuits, 60 glass, 60 coal dust, and 20 generators for solar panels. The only downside to geothermals running off lava, water mills running off a redpower water bucket system, generators running off charcoal, scrap, or filled fuel cans, and oil powered engine generators is that these forms of power require effort to set up. With solar panels, all you have to do is plop one down outside and hook a wire up.
  13. Solar arrays are the most expensive form of power next to nuclear generators, and they only work for half of the day. Try to experiment with the other generators like wind, water, and geothermal. These inevitably take more effort to set up than slapping down one block, but if you're starting a new world, solars are just too expensive for what little energy they produce.
  14. When everyone is a noob, are there really any noobs?
  15. I know that, but she has a reputation of not doing her homework. Every time she writes a book for a pre-existing universe she doesn't learn about the universe she is writing for. She just jumps right in and says "Fuck you!" to the cannon. And knowing that... they still let her write for halo. Not just that, but they contracted her for an entire trilogy.
  16. Exactly. Not much you can do when you're still punching trees.
  17. I dunno, that last Halo book, Glasslands, left a really bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure I'm liking the direction they are taking the universe.
  18. With IC2 you can also have some farmer turtles that farm a bunch of wheat/ reeds. They can craft these drops into plantballs, run then through a compressor to make compressed plant clumps, and add those to tin cans to make biocells. They can run these biocells through an extractor to create biofulecells. Now all they have to do is place them into a canning machine with an empty fuel can to create filled fuel cans. Then they can fill up on fuel and keep running. This isn't the simplest system, however it nesesitates the turtles needing a machine hive in order to keep functioning. They need dedicated farmers, fuel deliverers, machine builders, and power creators.
  19. For anyone not familiar with Lua, I'll try to explain what's going on here. It's not magic. oldRedstoneFunction = rs.setOutput rs.setOutput = function(side, bool) sleep(0.05) oldRedstoneFunction(side, bool) end Firstly, functions in Lua are unique in that they can act similar to variables. What the first line does is assign the pre-written function, rs.setOutput, to the new function called oldRedstoneOutput. oldRedstoneFunction = rs.setOutput oldRedstoneOutput now behaves in exactly the same way as rs.setOutput, in fact, they are exactly the same functions just with different names. We needed to back up the original rs.setOutput function because now we are about to overwrite it. rs.setOutput = function(side, bool) This line overwrites the original rs.setOutput function that shipped with the mod. We assign it a function that takes in two arguments, side and bool. Note, this removes its old functionality. The next line is the big fix sleep(0.05) This simply tells the computer to not do anything for 1/20th of a second, or one tick. That's all fine and dandy, but all our new function does is take a nap for a tick. We need to make this function set the redstone output on a given side. Remember though, we backed up the old rs.setOutput function with the function called oldRedstoneFunction. oldRedstoneFunction(side, bool) oldRedstoneFunction sets the redstone output on a given side true or false just like the old function we assigned it did. Thus it needs the same arguments. The final line of code simply ends the function definition. end So, really all we have done is overwritten rs.setOutput with a new function that behaves in precisely the same way, however; it will sleep for one tick every time it sets the redstone output.
  20. Looks like I'll be getting this instead of Halo 4. We should form a technic squad.
  21. I'm not going to give you the link. All you have to do is search nether portal on the minecraft wiki.
  22. I suggest looking on the minecraft wiki for nether portal mechanics. You'll have to do a bit of calculations to figure out were to build your portals.
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