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  1. Whenever someone reports having this problem, it is almost always because of their antivirus software. Try disabling it for the duration of the download.
  2. You should get a few of your friends together and, with the help of your tech teacher, convince the school to use minecraft as a teaching and comunity building tool. For advanced students, they can learn valuable problem solving skills in a fun and care free manor using mods such as redpower, buildcraft, and computercraft to automate mods such as industrial craft or railcraft. There are already a few teachers using minecraft in the classroom. Why try to hide while you play minecraft, when you can have your school endorse it? This may seem more effort than it's worth, but it's a good leader
  3. Frame motors use energy in proportion to the number of frames they move.
  4. Wow... your user base sucks. Get some nicer people.
  5. "It no work" isn't really much to go on so...
  6. Ow... my eyes. :/ You don't need to delete the META.INF folder. Tekkit downloads the minecraft.jar from minecraft.net as well as all current mods in the pack, and modifies it for you. And again... ow, my eyes. :/
  7. When used in moderation, they are fairly benign. However, when used in extreme excess, you can see a discernible increase in server load. You can disallow block breakers to break cobble stone in the redpower config, however, as will any item change, clear it with your user base first.
  8. You can use //descend if you have world edit installed.
  9. You can give your players access to things like the /time command with out making them ops. Just change your permission file.
  10. Armstrong was not just an American hero. He was a hero to all those on this tiny planet who look up into the night sky and dream. Many of his fellow astronauts could have flown the lunar mission in his place, yet none could have handled the resulting fame with such modesty and integrity as he. For as long as history books exist he will always be remembered.
  11. You guys are overshadowing the core argument here with unnecessary drama. That argument is based around copyright, perceived or otherwise. If it hasn't become clear to you already over the past few decades, the old notion of copyright law does not work anymore. In some cases it even hampers intrepid artists. Just look at Jonathan Coulton for example. He decided to release one song a week for free, and encouraged others to share his work. People would here the awesome notes and hilariously clever lyrics of his songs and be directed to the author who created them. After a year of this he started
  12. How are you generating power? Will it eventually run out?
  13. Try placing a Klien Star in the transmutation table. It should suck up all remaining EMC.
  14. Use a wrench. They're facing the wrong direction.
  15. I may not be able to play constantly, college and all, but if you want some help with programming, or building some very technical machines, I can pop in from time to time. My IGN is warpspeed10, I'm 19, and yes I have commentated before. If your interested I'll pm you my skype name.
  16. Remember when you are wiring everything up and figuring out the timings, frame motors take 0.800 seconds (or 16 ticks) to move a block.
  17. You could always grandfather old donators in, allowing them to keep their past perks, and change the rank a bit for new donators.
  18. All the mods that change the world, use fake players to do so. You need to give those fake players permission to modify the world. Whatever plugins you are running need to provide op status to the players [redpower],[buildcraft],[industrialcraft], ect. Without any plugins that need their configs modified, the simplest way to do this is to just input /op [redpower] into the counsel.
  19. You do realize there are an insane amount of free, and better, tutorials out there than anything you can give. Also, if you want to set up a fiscal transaction, I'd do it over private message. Or, you may have been joking... it's hard to tell.
  20. You need to smelt nether ores into their overworld equivalent first.
  21. I could provide some pointers. Could you pm me your TS info?
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