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  1. If the filter is not doing the animation, that means it is backlogged with an item. You need to provide some inventory down the line for the buckets to be sent to.
  2. First Name: Eric IGN Minecraft: warpspeed10 How long have you played Minecraft? About a year Skype: (PM me) Age: 19 Skill level: Highly skilled at almost all mods included in the Tekkit Pack. I am not quite an expert at FORTH and Lua yet, so if you need help learning to use the in game computers, we'll have to learn together. I leave for college in a week, but I can still pop on the server from time to time to help you guys with some more advanced builds.
  3. The filter pulls from the large opening on one of its 6 faces, and outputs to the small hole on the opposite side. You can rotate Redpower machines with a screwdriver.
  4. The filter pulls from a chest. If there is no were for the item to go, the filter will hold on to it until there is space in an inventory down the line. Also, instead of getting mad, did you consider Googleing "Redpower 2 Wiki"? It is far more useful and not horrendously out of date like the Tekkit wiki.
  5. Curiosity's camera mast has begun to be raised today. The mast contains navigation cameras as well as two high resolution color MastCams, and a ChemCam. The ChemCam fires a high powered laser to vaporize nearby rocks. It then analyzes the particles that are released.
  6. Once Buildcraft 3 comes around, you will able to control this set-up with logic gates placed on the pipes. Until then, just use Redpower tubes as Merchant suggested.
  7. 2.5 billion dollars... 2 and a half billion dollars... As opposed to the approximately 71 billion lost to the US each year due to religious tax exemptions. With that kind of money we could send a rover to Mars every two weeks. FOREVER.
  8. Those grey scale images are from small low resolution side mounted cameras. It is stranded operating procedure to take a picture of your wheel on the surface of you landing site to make sure you touched down correctly. The main camera mast will be raised later this week once all primary system checks are completed.
  9. Well as I hope you all know, the Curiosity Rover will be landing on Mars tonight at 1:30 AM eastern time. This rover is the most advanced piece of tech we've sent to our neighbor so far. So, what are your plans for tonight? Any awesome parties? XD Btw, you can watch the podcast here. http://www.geekosystem.com/nasa-curiosity-livestream/ Sol 1: Well Curiosity has landed safely as of Monday morning, and has since then deployed its high gain antenna to communicate more easily with Earth. We all know Odyssey was listening and relaying data back to earth, however, we also had the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter checking out the spectacle as well. Here is an image of Curiosity safely approaching the surface of Mars on its parachute. Sol 2: Curiosity has poked out its camera packed head today. The team at NASA is taking things slowly so as not to endanger the 2.5 billion dollar science experiment. It's never good to look directly into the sun, especially for sensitive little rovers like Curiosity. The 360 degree black and white images should start coming in tomorrow on Sol 3 or 4. Right now, we'll just have to make due with the low res images from Curiosity's Hazard Avoidance Cameras.
  10. This thread just made my day. XD
  11. Hmm, well the ring consumes one redstone's worth of EMC every 10 minutes. Are your players not content with that low cost? If not, you could always simply look here. http://plugins.bukkit.org/#ti=Flight&ta=all&au=&subm=false&pno=0
  12. Try enabling the Swiftwolf's or the Jet Packs.
  13. Iron Chests has been updated since 3.0.4. Unless you have updated however (strongly suggest you do, force fields and ccSensors are amazing), a bug existed with Crystal Chests. When the chest contains an enormous variety of items, it can cause large amounts of client side lag. This may be due to the chest running the calculation to determine which items to display too many times. Again, always look for alternative solutions/ actual fixes before you go streight up banning something. Every item is loved by someone, and banning too many will send players in pursuit of a different server.
  14. hmm, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I do love your desktop though.
  15. Thanks for setting up this sub forum. You're awesome.
  16. Try uninstalling all versions of java and then download the latest 64 bit release.
  17. I'm not sure I understand. What is the issue you are having with the most recent version of wireless redstone?
  18. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking if by simply placing buildcraft items in the world, you will experience lag? If so that is obviously not the case. The lag comes from when your users do not engineer their systems correctly, and items back up and spill out of the pipes. Redpower is more idiot proof.
  19. I would recommend disabling the tools of power for default users, yet allowing your moderators and admins to use all the EE tools. They help greatly when your staff is building impressive structures to better the server. The problem is they can be easily abused. This is why you give them to people you trust, i.e. your staff. It's a nice thing to do for your mods if you want to reserve world edit privileges for your admins only. I'm making this post assuming you have a standard survival tekkit server. If however, you have a hardcore pvp/ anarchy server, you can disregard this message. Giant crators and ravaged landscapes are what give those kind of servers character.
  20. You really need to really consider the repercussions that come from disabling something so integral to a mod such as redpower and rail craft. With Redpower, block breakers and deployers are used in almost every complicated build (particularly ones incorporating frames and frame motors). As for Railcraft, world anchors are absolutely essential in making your systems clean and streamlined. For example, A cart recall or train management system will not work without anchor carts to keep the wireless receivers, transmitters, and trains loaded. A server with a successfully built large rail system shows that it's owners are organized and dedicated to the server. It is also an immediate draw for new players leaving spawn. A train ride to warp wild is MUCH more fun than simply typing /warp wild.
  21. The Nano suit provides 90% protection (Diamond is 80%) and the quantum suit provides 100% protection.
  22. What do you mean? Red Matter armor is only slightly better than diamond, and dark matter is exactly the same as diamond. The only difference is that they don't break. In fact, enchanted diamond armor is actually BETTER than red matter.
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