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  1. It seems the most cpu intensive mod is given a high number and the others are given arbitrarily low numbers. I do not doubt that this plugin is somewhat useful, but it seems the percentages are grossly inflated/ depreciated.
  2. Ok, since I'm one of the few people who actually share information about the crop system, here goes. Every crop in tekkit (except flax) can be placed on an Industrial Craft crop stick. A crop stick needs to be placed on a farmland block (that's what dirt is when you till it). By using crop sticks, you will be able to achieve much hire gains from your crops as well as faster grow time. Advancing in this system can be frustrating at times, but in the end it is sooooooo much more rewarding than having a condenser poop out bread. Once you place your first crop stick down, just right click with
  3. Ok, first just tell him to place three copper ingots in the crafting grid. Second, teach him to use the search feature of NEI at the bottom of the screen. And lastly, build a project table so that he can watch you as you craft any item.
  4. Have you talked to the developers of Industrial Craft 2 yet?
  5. 1. Does he know how to use NEI? 2. Did you enter the /reload command? (Don't do this) 3. Could you make your post more legible?
  6. You could always add forestry back in to the pack manually, but judging by your thread title and main post, I don't feel it would help much to explain it again. :/
  7. Simple answer: If there is even the slightest space left for energy, the generator will try to fill it. It does that by burning one fuel in its inventory, even if there is not enough space for all the energy produced by said fuel. So, have a batbox send a signal when it's empty/full and use that to tell your system to stop putting fuel in.
  8. Or try figuring out the science behind one of Tesla's later inventions, and you'll be able to harness nearly free energy out of the ionosphere. Just make sure you don't tell your investors that there is no way to regulate the energy flow, and in essence make it impossible to charge people for the power, or else you'll be shut down and your science will go unnoticed until years after you die.
  9. Try using induction. When you pass electrons through your copper cables, you cause a change in the magnetic field around those cables. And similarly, a nearby cable will respond to a change in the magnetic field through it, by causing a flow of electrons (i.e. electricity). The cables don't need to be touching, but the energy loss is directly related to distance. So you can't go too far away. You may want to consider using superconductors to cut down on this energy loss.
  10. Ok, I think there may have been some misquotes or lack there of. I'm pretty sure Andrew was referring to the treecapitator question in the post above. I think Xylord thought you were trying to defend Awsomized's actions, here. He may have just quoted the wrong post. By him, I think Xylord meant the scumbag nuker. As server owners, we have a responsibility to our users. If we fuck up and lose the map, or let it get greifed without a rollback feature. We fail the community, and thus lose members and credibility. A major grief can be a turning point for a server, if th
  11. os.pullEvent = os.pullEventRaw is not viable in some situations. I would recommend having a computer with os.pullEvent = os.pullEventRaw that simply sends whatever characters the user enters to the computer actually doing the work (via a modem). This way, even if they hack your input computer, it doesn't actually do anything since the main program isn't stored there.
  12. Just... read the thread. He has already explained that the other items are not as simple as making sure they throw a BlockBreakEvent. It is up to the actual mod author to fix the tools that change/ place blocks.
  13. Have you tried editing your server's permissions file?
  14. So... we don't have active backups running? :/
  15. A nuke? really? Come on guys, friendly pranks are encouraged, but this just crosses the line, takes the line, and throws it in the gutter.
  16. There are ways... there are always ways. (Not saying I did it, just that I know how they would go about hacking it.)
  17. We'll it's kinda hard to add tone of voice to text. That's what the "" was supposed to do.
  18. What's a scam advertisement without a good necro? I mean come on you can't just half ass trolling like this.
  19. You mean we finally found out how to change the password to something OTHER than "password"? :P
  20. Ya, I'll get that up on the notice board when I'm on later. Our corporate headquarters is on the hill really close to spawn. It's built out of planks and stone bricks. You should see a computer craft notice board when you step inside. Right now the only thing that is built is the reception desk, the machine shop (still needs work), and the supply room. We still need to build the main laboratories, communication satellite, and the massive particle discombobulator (High powered teleporter room) that will be at the heart of our operations. Someone also needs to lay down some gravel roads/ ra
  21. Travel too fast on regular rails = kaboom. Make sure to slow yourself down when transitioning from High Speed to regular rails, as well as when making turns.
  22. Putting those items in a transmutation tablet and then taking out their twin, will make the item behave normally. But, yes this is a known bug with inventory tweaks.
  23. Your MFSUs are facing the wrong way. They have one output face marked by a brown dot. Same goes for your force field setup. Also the end of that video is exactly the reason I stay away from Morningstars and Katars.
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