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  1. Red matter provides 90% damage reduction. Diamond armor with protection IV is 97% damage reduction. What's your problem?
  2. This is news to me. Does the 10 by 10 RGB laser and redpower display screen not count? What about his frame quarry and fallout bunker? What episodes of his have you watched? My favorite was the transdimensional railway system.
  3. Lol, about that... sorry. I've really gotta find more free time to get on the server. Been so busy lately.
  4. I try to use the less common forms of energy whenever possible. If I happen to stumble upon two ender pearls for a hydro electric plant, I'll go ahead and build that. If I'm in the mountains, I'll go ahead and throw up a few wind mills. If I happen upon a big lava lake, I usually take the extra time to pump it to the surface for geothermals. Solar panels, while expensive, aren't as much fun to play around with as the other generators. Have you ever tried to run your machines off biofule cells from your farm? As to the linear solar layout, I agree, not only is it no less efficient than a flower, it also looks a whole lot nicer. It's nice to see someone actually using solar panels properly rather than magically smushing them down into a one block super panel.
  5. You can also put your condenser on top of an antimatter relay. Tire 3 relays and collectors emit the same light level as glowstone blocks.
  6. If you ask for server staff on a public forum... you're gonna have a bad time. Try to get some of your friends interested in minecraft. You can even bullshit them with the promise that if your server makes enough money they will get a cut of the profits. Honestly though, running a server takes a lot of time and effort on your part. If you want to make it anything other than another shitty server that gets greifed and shuts down in a few weeks, I recommend reading the EE fix threads and browsing the server op swap shop a bit. Running a server is more than just pressing the GO button and letting your staff do all the work.
  7. But what could equal a human soul? *Begin epic saga*
  8. Still, don't try human transmutation. Things could end... badly.
  9. Yes, you can pump water directly into a water strainer to generate EU. You can not do that with a water mill.
  10. Don't be silly. Were did you here that?
  11. The original geothermal generator from Industrial Craft did not accept lava being pumped into it via BuildCraft pipes. It would only accept either lava buckets or cells. Thus the geothermal generator mkII was included to allow cross compatibility with both BuildCraft and Industrial craft. The more recent versions of the geothermal generator do allow lava to be pumped in directly, however, making the mkII generator a bit redundant. To use it, simple pump lava into it and hook up some cable to one of its faces. I believe it produces 20 EU/t; the same as a regular geothermal generator. The water strainer is to the water mill as the geothermal generator mkII is to the geothermal generator. The only added bonus is that the water strainer can be placed inline with an oil pipe, and will convert the water into EU and allow the oil to pass freely through the other side. Applying a redstone signal will destroy the excess water if you do not feel like hooking up a cable. This is useful if you are pumping oil from the ocean.
  12. I just looked on the computer craft forums. It seems that this feature is being worked on by the mod dev.
  13. You must not have played around with computer craft much then. You can use two disk drives, a mating computer and a deployer to create a turtle queen. The two turtles drive up, write their attributes file to one of the two disks, then the mating computer in between the two disk drives reads from each disk, and generates a new generation turtle program which it then copies to the new turtle's "startup" routine. So yes, it is possible, but it will take a lot of effort on the coder's part to get everything working properly. A computer will look for a startup program on disk first. It runs the startup program whenever it gets unloaded and reloaded, as well as when the server restarts.
  14. This sounds like a great project to work on over winter break. The trick is to write the code in such a way that, upon crafting of a new turtle, the parent turtle passes it some arguments that influence the way in which it behaves. The arguments it passes would most likely be those of the parent, however, given a random number dice roll the arguments can change. Only turtles that live to reproduce (Don't get stuck/ run out of fuel) will pass on their arguments to the next generation. To stop overpopulation, you can give each turtle an age, and after their operational period expires, they will be sent to have a date with a block breaker. Obviosley you want to start small first though. Let's try making turtles that simple go mine a quarry, refuel, and use the gathered materials to craft new turtles.
  15. Not missing an end, you have one too many. input = read() if input == nrdoor then print"one" sleep(3) end --Get rid of this end. elseif input == comd1 then print"two" sleep(3) end end
  16. Why use goto, when you can make the menu call different functions?
  17. Try to avoid using goto statements no mater what language you program in. There is almost always another way to perform the same operation without a goto, and the use of them is generally considered bad technique.
  18. He had suggested that trackers and sniffers were useless without triangulaters, and, as such, would simply disable them. Obviously the triangulator is not essential for the functionality of those items. What are you arguing about here?
  19. What are you talking about? Sniffers let you see what frequencies are free to use. And Trackers can be seen on the map.
  20. Start with his season 4 let's play. He uses the most recent iterations of the mods. He does play with a few that are either not multiplayer compatible or in Tekkit, such as Thaumcraft, Mystcraft, and Forestry. They are still cool to watch though.
  21. The harvest goddess band was introduced at a time when vanilla crop trampling was still in the game. As such it was given the ability to allow the wearer to walk on crops without fear of trampling. This same effect also applies to industrial craft crops.
  22. Are you placing fuel inside the steam engines?
  23. Once you have your farm expanded, simply right click to harvest the plant without destroying it.
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