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  1. Not if it was coated in friendship potions. Not even lava can burn the bonds of friendship. <3
  2. Done, the volcano near my house is now made out of pink wool. You sir are a genius! XD
  3. I could have never imagined that such a cute kitty in a wicker basket could shit on themselves so much. This just made my day.
  4. Here's what you need to do. Open up you server to just friends and people you trust. Make sure it is whitelisted. This gives you the opportunity to learn the nuances of administrating a tekkit server. There are many, many items that bypass conventional bukkit protection plugins. Having a server up and running, and being able to have fun with your friends in a grief free environment. This setting allows you to try out different plugins and server-side fixes. You can have your friends test out how effective different plugins are, and have them building cool things to make the map look more popul
  5. Ok, listen. You have already expressed your desire to make a military mod on another thread. You listed all the stuff you wanted, but none of the stuff you had actually made. If you think you can make a Frankenstein mod out a whole bunch of other dead mods, your going to run into some serious problems. It is against the ethics of modding to go ahead and rip peoples code and call it your own. In addition to that, you will run into some serious incompatibility problems. If you had the technical knowledge to modify the code and make it compatible once more, I beg the question, why not just make y
  6. Hey WarpTech guys, save me a couple stacks of resources in a chest somewhere, and I'll help you guys build an airbase this weekend.
  7. You need to look on the Redpower wiki. Use panels for your wires.
  8. Covers on frames not moving wires is a feature, not a bug. Try looking at the redpower wiki.
  9. WarpTech Industries does not condone being caught.
  10. Yes, but that would mean disabling the use of a wide variety of PvP weapons. Those weapons do not care about Bukkit protections.
  11. Because server owners don't want their spawns destroyed. That's really the only reason.
  12. Just remember to always put it on lossless mode when picking up a mass fabricator. I've had such bad luck with those.
  13. Just open it up and disable it. Ask your parents for help, or call the companies tech support.
  14. I really wish it would just be incorporated in to the main CC mod. If not the exact code, than the idea. I know Dan200 is pretty good at squashing most bugs before release.
  15. Use an MFSU for accurate EU difference results. I doubt you reaction time is down to a 20th of a second so that's some experimental error right there. Also, carry this to PMs, or message the mod author. Don't mention you're from technic when you do though. The minecraft modding community is grossly sick compared to other games, and hold an irrational amount of hate for people for the silliest of reasons. So, when starting on a new survival world, try to build your base near a good range of biomes, namely swamps (for rubber trees and IC2 crops), and forests (for snowmen to cool CASUC re
  16. I don't know about that. I thought it was pretty funny. Try looking at the wiki/forum post for ccSensors. Make sure you don't spell it ccSensurs or else the computer will yell at you. Edit: By yell at you, I mean delete all your games, ruin your essays, and tell its best friend, SkyNet, that you're being dumb. SkyNet will not be pleased... not at all.
  17. All advanced machines follow that flowchart. I have rigorously tested a sizable sample of those values. If you have found an error, I would recommend reporting it to the add-on author. Before you do though, check to make sure the values have not been changed in a more recent version of the mod add-on.
  18. Spelling and capitalization are very important when writing computer programs. I would recommend viewing this tutorial first before attempting to write any Lua code.
  19. Here you go, right from the add-on author's main page. There is a link to the spreadsheet about halfway down the first post. http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=4907&pageNo=1&s=719cdfb31ff51873674f7b45806107f1a13ee90d
  20. Singularity compressors can get down to one block per 0.8 seconds with the max of 15 overclocker upgrades. In order to spin them up to this speed you require a couple million EU, however once you reach max pressure (15000 psi) they will only consume 3 EU/t each. I recommend throwing some energy storage upgrades in as well to help with the spin up procedure.
  21. Ice cooling uses EU for the compressors, whereas water buckets use none. If you want to squeeze every last bit of EU out of your uranium cells, go water.
  22. You only need to use the peripheral api in that way if you want the user to be interacting with the terminal at the same time you are displaying on a monitor. For example, if you made a connect 4 game, you could display the board on a large monitor with a computer hooked up to wait for rednet messages and update the board accordingly. Each player would then have a computer that sends their move over rednet to the first computer.
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