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  1. What do you mean? Red Matter armor is only slightly better than diamond, and dark matter is exactly the same as diamond. The only difference is that they don't break. In fact, enchanted diamond armor is actually BETTER than red matter.
  2. What about customizable turtles. You can simply right click different parts with dyes to paint them. Would you mind being slaughtered by a diamond sword wielding turtle sporting a badass rainbow color scheme? :D
  3. You have a strange sense of balance my good sir.
  4. Well... you wouldn't, my point was that you may only have one attachment on at a time. The durability bar would show fuel level instead of charge level. You would not be able to charge it seeing as you do not have anything that needs charging on the armor piece. (i.e. no shield, no electric jet pack). You seem to think that the suit would remain unchanged save for a few extra upgrades. That is not the case. It's protection would be lowered from 100% down to 90% (on par with redmatter and gem) seeing as diamond and dark matter are at 80% damage reduction. There would be NO shield unless you cho
  5. Is the server lag free without the computers present?
  6. TMI is not in tekkit, that's NEI. And that's exactly what NEI does, show you the recipes but does not allow you to spawn the items unless cheat mode is enabled by the server. Press 'O' to turn on/off the interface. Press 'R' while hovering over the item with your cursor to see the recipe. Press 'U' to see recipes the item is used in. You can change these key bindings in the controls menu.
  7. The crash bug with advanced machines has been fixed for awhile now. I'm not sure what you are talking about. Could you provide us with some more info Op, like what is in that chunk?
  8. Remember to place a pump filled with tin cells next to your miner to suck up all that lava covering the diamonds. The miner won't dig through liquids. Also don't forget to place a chest next to both machines for the items they collect.
  9. So you are using a texture pack, but there is a bug in the texture pack. So, wouldn't it make more sense to report this bug to the author of your texture pack?
  10. I don't even... I mean... what? O.o Are you... like... trying to hire someone to write you a plugin?
  11. If that is the case, you would adore ThaumCraft2. This mod is in the technic pack since it's only ssp, however the mod author stated that once the API finally comes out he will work on the smp version.
  12. Both Redpower and IC2 use the Fore Ore Dictionary. Check your server config settings.
  13. There is nothing I could say that has not been already said about EE2. The mod simply runs at a different pace than the rest, and thus can suck the fun out of those other mods. The only thing to do really, is hope for a better tomorrow. From the small amount of information that has been leaked about EE3, it sounds like the player will feel more like an alchemist than a magician. Also, EE3 is hinted at being open source. The mod author, wanted others to learn to mod the same way he did, by looking at other people's work. That also means we will be seeing a bunch of cool add-ons for EE3
  14. I'm not sure I totally agree with you. The goal here is not to make the quantum suit on par with the EE armors (both a bit stronger than diamond). The goal is to make the quantum suit a more fun and enjoyable piece of armor to use and strive for. The point I was trying to make is that each piece of the quantum set provides it's own unique ability (speed, great leaps, scuba gear). The chest on the other hand only provides invulnerability, and while useful, isn't very fun nor balanced to play with. By allowing you to join already existing backpacks to the quantum chest at the expense of
  15. I propose a trade off system with the chest piece. It should have a base defense bonus around the level of diamond in addition to a few optional upgrades. The four attachments are as follows (Only one may be attached at any given time.): 1. Energy Shield - A temporary shield that drains massive amounts of power from the chest piece when active. Provides short term invulnerability. 2. Lap-Pack - An energy storage pack attached to the chest piece. Provides extra power for tools with the added bonus of defensive points. 3. Electric Jet pack - Grants the user the power of flight wh
  16. I like playing with the more obscure parts of the mods, so when I see that the owner has disabled items central to computer craft, railcraft, and redpower, I usually look elsewhere. This includes disabling scrap used in crafting fertilizer for IC2 crops. When I first join a server, I want to be able to read the rules and get to playing as soon as possible. If the wilderness is far away/ confusing to get to I'm not likely to stay. The ideal spawn, in my opinion, is a simple clearing outside of an impressive city. Make sure the clearing has boards with essential rules displayed, and any othe
  17. He should upgrade his os to Windows 2000, it's all the rage! :D
  18. I'm assuming you have a server up already right? IGN: warpspeed10 Age: 19 Hamachi: I don't believe you need hamachi to run a tekkit server. Company Name: WarpTech Industries - We are a tech company that specializes in teleportation technology and pink cookie generation.
  19. You need to manually switch your client to 3.1.1 in the options window on the launcher.
  20. Switching items out with their twin in the transmutation table fixes this bug. To easily reproduce this error, press sort inventory on chests. The bugged items will be picked up and become attached to your cursor until you place them back down.
  21. I was under the impression that you could dictate what blocks can and cannot be mined in the config files. I know this is the case for tunnel boars.
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