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  1. The larger bores I have built have been exclusively on ssp, but my friends and I built a small quarry on smp (teaching them FOURTH was fun lol ). Took a while to realize we simply had forgotten to set chunk loading to true in the server config.
  2. If you can get the tools to pass their block break events to Bukkit plugins i wouldn't mind enabling them, but until then...
  3. Don't forget to /op [computercraft] as well if you want to use those amazing turtles, and [railcraft] for the tunnel bore.
  4. I'd suggest keeping the Harvest Goddess band from EE enabled. It allows you to walk on your IC2 crops without the fear of trampling them. The portable crafting table (i.e. Philosophers stone) is essential as well to create the aternales fuel without collectors enabled. You can disable the transmutation ability of the philosophers stone in the config I believe. Other than that one ring, it will be up to you if you want to keep the other items enabled for your admins to build with (Hyper kinetic lens = aww inspiring caverns).
  5. If you're keeping everything enabled and want your spawn to survive, build it in a different world, and direct players to /warp wild when they are ready to play. Or if you would like, search the tekkit and EE forums for fixes to the items so as not to bypass protection. If you disable a lot of the items after you start, you will have a lot of unhappy players on your hands. I have a survival server with freinds with PvP discouraged but not disabled. I have disabled all of EE for users except for the philosophers stone and the harvest goddess band (for IC2 crops, prevents trampling). I a
  6. You can download it manually if you want. Or you could wait a few months for the SSP SMP merge and the modding api, so that (hopefully) mods will become more compatible with each other. Remember, Technic is only a mod pack. You can always mod your minecraft yourself.
  7. The list is getting a little long. Try splitting up the goals into different sections based on mod or play time (i.e. early game, mid game, late game, extras). Edit: Also, if anyone suggests builds as goals. Try to find a youtube video or forum post describing it. That way the link can be posted in the OP rather than a sizable description.
  8. The cable you chose will depend on the output of your reactor. This can be measured with an EU-Reader by simply right clicking a cable. Glass fiber cables are the best for long distance transfer. They can carry up to 512 Energy Units per tick, which is high voltage. If your reactor produces more than this you will need 4x insulated HV cable which can carry up to 2048 EU per tick before burning up. That being said, High voltage cable loses one energy unit every block it travels, so a reactor producing 700 EU/t transmitting to an MFSU 80 blocks away would only get 620 EU/t to the MFSU. Glass
  9. Or a dark room that picks up the flowers as soon as they are spawned by using a deployer with bone meal on grass. Almost all of these types of generators require condensers. Are these banned on your server as well?
  10. I am fine with the cultivation of whales as a food source. Though the wild population is small enough to make that a bit difficult. What I am deeply offended by is the Japanese scientific whaling association defaming the name of science to do it. The bullshit lies in their methods. You do not need to vitrify the whale to measure it's stomach contents. Just tag the specimen and collect weight measurements over the course of months. If they were simply a whaling fleet, fine, but they try to present themselves as researchers. That's were I draw the line.
  11. When it is full, it won't be charging, so the detector cable will not emit a signal. You can use that in conjunction with a not gate or something to activate a shut of mechanism.
  12. I noticed you typed chop sticks instead of crop sticks. Although I do think chop sticks would be an amazing addition to tekkit. Sushi anyone? :P
  13. Have you considered using an EU-Detector cable instead. Also, this was a bug that often cropped up in Tekkit 2 servers. I assume you're playing on a Tekkit 3 server right?
  14. Gather some reeds and seeds while setting up your first home. As soon as you are able, craft some crop sticks and start your IC2 agriculture. Collect any other species of plant that you can find (i.e. flowers, roses, pumpkins, melons) for cross breeding. That stickreed is amazing if you cant seem to find rubber trees. Use the massive amounts of excess reeds to make plant balls. Compress and extract those to make biofuel. Throw up a canning machine and feed your generators filled fuel cans instead of coal and charcoal.
  15. Yup, it's definitely your setup. You need to place red alloy wire directly on the side of the MFSUs by shift clicking. Or you can use redstone dust instead.
  16. As frames are a fairly new edition to the mod, I don't know all their intricacies and conflicts. They may indeed have trouble with moving chunk loaders. The chunk seems to unload while the loaders are in transit. What I do on my builds, is put a deployer on the back of the machine. I then program it to deploy a chunk loader every couple blocks. The number of blocks could range from 16 to 48 depending on how large your machine is. You want all parts of it to be covered at all times. Play around with the positioning or consider adding a second chunk deployer. If you watch Direwolf20's quarry bui
  17. A side to side motion instead of up and down would be ideal in this circumstance. However, changing up the entire drill head doesn't look fun. What I'd recommend is changing your drill cycle so that you back up one block, move the head down safely, then dig away the interference, and continue on. (Drill head starts in the down position) -Dig -HeadUp -Dig -MoveBack -HeadDown -Dig -MoveForward -Dig -MoveFoward This takes longer to perform than simply going Dig, HeadUp, Dig, HeadDown, MoveForward. The solution to that is to add an item detector, so that, if ever no items are pass
  18. I'm sure we can come up with a solution if you post detailed images of your build, but based on your brief description it could be a number of issues.
  19. It appears the admins have locked your thread, but I would just like to say that I too would like to see our country as it were 100 years ago. Let's hear it for Polio! HOORAH! Fun times man, fun times...

  20. If you try to make money off of other people's hard work... you're gonna have a bad time. As a side note, you should never charge people for the simple privilege of getting a colored name and a few items. That just makes you look silly. Build your server up slowly; create a strong community. Guess what, people will actually want to donate to you.
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