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  1. If you're considering improving this design in the future, consider incorporating redpower frames into the design. This way it will be mobile.
  2. I always found it was more fun to build a cool auto crafting system then to use that table. This and the fact that there are still one or two rare duplication bugs leaves me apathetic about it's removal.
  3. what does it use for power generation, or it it just a battery?
  4. I currently find redpower tubes nicer to use. When buildcraft 3 and the pipe logic gates and redpipe signaling comes out, there may be more incentive to use buildcraft pipes.
  5. There is indeed. The Deployer from RedPower2 will right click any block or item in its inventory when given a redstone signal. If you can right click seeds on farmland, so can the deployer.
  6. Also, which version of tekkit are you using and can you see the items in NEI? If you can see mod items in NEI but cannot craft any of them, one of your staff may have used the /reload command instead of restarting the server like normal. This is a very common error people run into.
  7. Ugh... another shitty anarchy server. Listen, if you want to call your server "anarchy" there have to actually be no 'rules', hence the name. That means anything goes, including not banning items. In all fairness though, those servers are generally not very successful. If you're saying that there are no admins (i.e. no staff to become friendly with), your players will view your move to ban microblocks as just another dick move by a dick owner and will potentially leave your server.
  8. I suggest reporting this to the mod author. http://equivalentexchange.wikispaces.com/Bug Reports
  9. They're not performing scientific research. Neither is the South African fleet. They are using the name of science to evade the international law prohibiting whaling. I am not pleased.
  10. Or more likely, EE will be omitted until EE3 is released. It will also be open source, so you may see some amazing add-ons included along with the main mod.
  11. How bought this? Fucking magnets! How do people not understand how they work?
  12. Signing your posts to get un-kellered. Good Idea.
  13. So engineer your system to avoid this. Try using an item detector. Increase your timer.
  14. Well, what mod are tunnel boars from? Don't you think should ask the actual mod maker? It baffles me how people seem to think the technic team makes all these mods. :/
  15. Have you considered using an image hosting website such as imgur? It seems a hassle to download 3 images for a 2 second glance.
  16. According to a short quip by one of the developers of industrial craft over teamspeek in one of direwolf20's server play videos. They have apparently finally fixed this bug, and it will be included in the next release. You will no longer take fall damage while using a jet pack. In the mean time, work your way towards quantum boots. They negate fall damage and only cost a little less then a stack of UU-Matter.
  17. Hmm, it appears this grumpy asshole was wrong. If what you are saying is true, you have succeeded where many, MANY, others have failed. Good job.
  18. So you selected the Tekkit Client in the Technic Launcher, let it download all the mods, and opened up a single player world. You then looked through the NEI list of items and saw only vanilla items (about 2 pages long) and absolutely no items from the many mods (about 12 pages long) after scrolling through the multiple pages of NEI. You also went into the NEI Item Subsets menu (located at the top center of the screen) and ensured that all categories of items are allowed to display (right click to disable a category, left click to enable it). I suggest your next step would be to open up %a
  19. It was working 2 months ago when he posted it. Just do a quick forum search for it.
  20. In the launcher, you can select between Technic, Tekkit, YogsBox, and vanilla minecraft Is yours set to vanilla?
  21. By "Has no mods" do you mean you cannot craft items, cannot see them in NEI, or cannot see any world features unique to the mods?
  22. All you have to do is /op [industrialCraft]. Do the same for any other mods that interact with the world.
  23. warpspeed10

    Howdy :)

    Do you mean apatite? That is an item from Forestry used to make fertilizer for the farms as well as biogas production. To make IC2 fertilizer, either craft one bonemeal and one scrap together, or craft one fertilizer and two scrap together. You can apply this to crops by hand to make them grow faster and stronger, or you can automate the process by using a Crop-Ma-Tron. The Crop-ma-tron covers a 9 by 9 area (the same as a water block moistening farmland) and will automatically apply Weed-Ex, fertilizer, and hydration cells to the crops. Hydration Cells, crafted by extracting coolant cells,
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