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    For massive amounts of rubber, I'd suggest investigating IC2's agricultural engineering features. You should be able to cultivate reeds that produce sticky resin fairly easily (they'll look like reeds up until their final stage of growth). To get started you'll need cropsticks made with 4 sticks and a cropnaliser/energy storage device (you can use anything from a battery, or crystal to a lap-pack). Place the cropsticks on farmland and place the seeds on the cropsticks. Right click the fully grown plant to harvest without removing the plant (it will soon grow again). Or left click to remove the
  2. What do you mean "Charge it"? That's not how these items work. You use the charge key (default V) to increase the charge and shift + v to decrease. The charge level determines the area of effect. To actually use the item, however, you need EMC in the form of fuel in your inventory. You need either a Klein Star with EMC in it or fuel such as redstone. Btw, this isn't a bug; this is a Tekkit question. Next time post it in the General Tekkit forum.
  3. Use a charged Klien Star. See if that works.
  4. Someone used the /reload command. Don't do that. A server restart will fix your problem.
  5. Are you on a server? Are you using the right keys? Is the item even enabled on your server? Do you have fuel? These are things we need to know.
  6. I wish I could say you are the worst server owner I know of, but sadly, there are worse. Honestly, read what you just typed. You will disable a mod that many of your players love. A mod that has drawn players to your server because you allow it. All to protect your little economy system. I'm going to guess you have EE completely disabled, or else your economy is nonsensical. What is more important, your players having fun, or a few people depriving themselves of the tekkit experience and duping a few items? As a side note, server run economies fail... miserably. The only way you're going t
  7. You don't need to pay a host to run your server. That's just silly. If you only have a few friends playing on it, just run it on your home pc. Also, I'd suggest taking a break for a little while. You seem stressed. Go hang out with your friend IRL. Grab some ice cream, go dancing, do whatever.
  8. You need to actually describe the problem when making a thread. Simply saying "it no work" really doesn't do you much good as there's no way for us to narrow the problem down.
  9. Hey dude, welcome to the world of mods. First off, you seem to be under the misconception that tekkit provides these mods. That's not the case. The Technic pack team uses their free time to gather the mods available out there from the mod makers and put them into a launcher. This makes it easy for the less computer literate to download and play all these awesome mods. The rest of the time the team tries to get the mods to play nice with each other (no easy task). I'm clarifying all this because you will need to start differentiating between the mods if your going to figure out how to use t
  10. Search - Equivalent Exchange Honestly, what do you see? I answered this 2 hours ago. :/
  11. 1. Use the recommended build 2. Check to see if any other mod items are craftable 3. Get up and dance 4. Why are you not dancing?
  12. Yes, but what do you do for the other 9 seconds? Oh the agony!
  13. You will only ever see a dramatic shift in governmental structure and social policy if there is actually a gargantuan physical boundary between competing ideals. Just look at what happened between the civilizations of the Sahara, the Mediterranean, and the Americas. Any time a physical body barred easy travel between locations, things changed. Usually for the better. If you are hoping to see a drastic change in US policy this century, don't hold your breath. The next big governmental reform will come when the colonists on Mars rebel from their distant, yet ever controlling, mother Earth. T
  14. I wish someone had told me that I could have just skipped high school altogether and gone straight to propaganda.
  15. I built my 3D printer without any buttons, so I installed a gigantic flashing red safety button... because I could.
  16. Hey now, he's got a point. Tide goes in, tide goes out... can't explain that.
  17. You don't need 12 thermopiles. I have tested three of them to power 4 retrievers, so each thermopile should power just over one retriever. You will need a charged battery to jump start them though, for retrievers only start working once enough power has been stored. Once they turn on though, the piles will have no trouble keeping them on.
  18. Fox News isn't that bad. They're always completely fair and balanced towards both Christians and Christians alike.
  19. I would totally watch a movie about vampire butterflies! Oh wait... Twilight. O.o Nevermind then...
  20. Which is why saving and loading items (i.e. Cheat Mode) is disabled on all public servers.
  21. Stoning is bad... mkay? Apparently, I have no morals though.
  22. You might want to consider adding clay to one of the rewards. Iron items from the zombie drops can be smelted down to iron in the alloy furnace. Also, is your nether void as well? Gold can be farmed from the pigmen there. Btw, what time were you planing on hosting the server? I may be able to help beta test. Were you planning on chatting over Skype or Teamspeak (for the better audio options)?
  23. Don't forget about [RedPower], [RailCraft], and [ComputerCraft]
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