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  1. I recommend watching the Tekkit video again. If you are still having trouble finding the clues, try looking for the blue paw marks.
  2. If you just bought Minecraft, I recommend playing it without mods for a while. Do you have any friends who are gamers? If so, see if they want to play over local LAN.
  3. To Troll? Judging from your response it seems to have worked. *High fives Gav*
  4. It is not at all about competition. It is about providing the best experience to the end users as possible. It is about having fun.
  5. Eloram is the author of redpower. Pahimar is the developer of Equivalent Exchange.
  6. First off, this is a two month necro. Secondly you are simply incorrect in terms of damage protection. Gem provides 90% reduction. Protection IV Diamond armor gives you 97% damage reduction. Quantum provides 100% damage reduction until IC2 is updated for 1.3.2 and is added to the Technic pack.
  7. Yes the computer will work just fine. The backpane is only use to enable the word editor. This is usefull if you make a mistake while programming. Instead of having to forget all the words you wrote after the mistake, all you have to do is fix the error by overwriting its line in memory and then reload the memory to the active words. If you are careful though, you do not need a backpane or ram module.
  8. Why should I subscribe to you? Judging from your post, you at least know how to post hyperlinks, but how does that make your channel special?
  9. When placed inside frames, they change the characteristics of that face in a very significant way. A cover will cause that face of the frame to not stick to other blocks, including other frames. A panel on the other hand makes that face of the frame act like an opaque block. The paneled face does not change the sticking traits of that face, all it does is allow you to attach blocks that normally need an opaque block to be placed. This includes blocks like redstone, red alloy wire, bluetricity wire, computer craft disk drives, torches, redstone torches, levers, buttons, pressure plates, ect. So anything that cannot be placed on glass or glowstone blocks, needs a panel. The only block that cannot be placed on frames, is the backpane (needed to use the FORTH word editor). You need to place an opaque block (eg. stone) and then place the backpane onto that with the ram on top. Both the backpane, the 8k ram module, and the stone block need to be touching a frame on at least one face. This is a bug and is fixed in the most recent version of Redpower.
  10. Redpower tubes will send the buckets to the nearest open inventory. You need to put more buckets into the system and speed up the timer to ensure that you are collecting water faster than your watermills are using it up. You water mills should slowly gain a surplus, and as the nearest ones fill up, the farther ones will start getting water. It will take a few minutes to get running from a stand still.
  11. Are you saying that your firewall is throwing flags for the individual mods as they are run? It sounded like you simply couldn't download the mods in the first place. If that is the case, an error log would help greatly. Either that, or tell us what mods are causing you trouble.
  12. Your post was vague enough that it was a reasonable guess. Honestly though, you are making more work for yourself unnecessarily. If you are truly worried about the safety of the Technic pack, I recommend looking at the source code yourself. The launcher is completely open source.
  13. Turn off the firewall, let the download finish, then turn it back on. Simple. Are you unable to access your firewall? I'm guessing your trying to install Technic on your school's computer.
  14. Well I can answer your weird EU readings. It sounds like the amount of EU your water strainers are producing is greater than or equal to 32 EU/t. In that case, the batbox will always be full, and will never ask the solar panels for any of their EU (hence the 0 EU/t reading). What you can do is divide up your generators into clusters of less than 32 EU/t and connect each one to its own batbox. As long as the clusters generate less than 32 EU/t, your bat boxes should never totally fill up until everyone else down the line is full.
  15. The question you need to ask yourself is, did you have fun building your batbox array? If that answer is yes, then there is no problem. If you want to be able to charge nano or quantum armor, you can hook up an MFE or an MFSU to the end of the line. 32 EU/t transfer rate is faster then many power generator setups, so it's not as slow as you might think. If you want to electrolyze water cells, just place the electrolyzer next to the MFE/MFSU at the end of the line. Remember though, most machines accept only low voltage, so you will need a medium voltage transformer to convert high voltage to medium, and a low voltage transformer to convert medium voltage to low.
  16. Wow dude that's really cool. It's totally over the top and not necessary, but I like it nonetheless.
  17. You forget, all of that needs to be exclusively server side to simply lay over the Tekkit pack. In order to do what you suggest you would have to create your own client and server mod, and then distribute it to your users.
  18. I'd recommend removing Nether Ores rather than removing an entire third of vanilla minecraft. No Nether means no Potions, End Dimension, EnderChests, Half of RailCraft (anything that requires steel), igniters, ect. Edit: Oh, and anything that needs glowstone (like every mod) say good bye to those as well.
  19. It seems we all agree that EE and the creation of UU matter make an economy impossible. What seems to be the topic of debate is whether economies in Minecraft are possible at all. Personally, I do not define a high barrier to entry as being following a video on YouTube block for block to create an Iron Golem Grinder. All it takes is the ability to follow instructions, not special knowledge, or innovation to generate almost any resource in the game infinitely.
  20. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey, Mitt Romney Style!
  21. What would make you think that? Minecraft is the big fad right now at all the middle and high schools near me. I don't think I've ever heard someone referring to a minecraft player as a "nerd".
  22. No Gangnam Style? What about Mitt Romney Style? XD
  23. I still say my "gate to the stars" idea would make an amazing series. ^_^
  24. I'd like to see more of the philosophical/ sciencey/ episodes that actually make you think. My favorite episodes were ones that took a problem of today and superimposed it on another race that the crew of the enterprise would encounter from an outside perspective. My all time favorite Star Trek was probably Voyager mainly due to the fact that they were isolated and couldn't magically repair their ships in between episodes (another thing I loved about Enterprise). Most importantly though, they reached Warp Speed 10... and then conveniently forgot about it for the rest of the franchise. It's not so bad, I suppose, as the original series where, apparently, traveling backwards really, REALLY fast reverses time. So ya, there's that. In addition to all this, it might be interesting to have the series centered around the use of a series of portals. For example, the portals could act similar to gates taking you from one star to another almost instantaneously. In other words they are gates... to the stars. I would call the show Gate Trek. P.S. Borg ftw!
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