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  1. So we're supposed to help you fix a problem you won't explain with no error log and not even a list of blocks that may have been used. If you server crashes you should obtain a crash report in the logs folder. Are you saying you just don't know were to find it?
  2. I'd post this in the mod request forum of both Technic and MCF. As with most requests though, the chances of a mod maker taking up the challenge is slim to say the least. Perhaps if you offered to make the textures if they would work on re-skinning a boat, you will get more luck.
  3. Honestly, what kind of person names their disease aspergers, pronounced ass-burgurs? (Yes, it is fucking halarious. No, you can't laugh about it.)
  4. Well that would be because it is just a game. It's supposed to be fun, not a blood bath to the death.
  5. Hey man. I love your avatar pic. Though you should really consider letting the lovable, cuddly, little green fluff balls back into your mine. They're really not bad once you get to know them. They just want a hug. :P

    1. AlbanianTerra


      I guess they'er not that bad, until the disappear into smoke and your back in your previous spawn point and when you get back to the place the cute thing was before it disappear there's a biiiig hole.

  6. This sounds like a wonderful idea actually. Not really to decide a point, but to just have fun for fun's sake. It doesn't have to be quake, but should be a game they both enjoy playing.
  7. When life gives you lemons, make combustible lemons.
  8. Well if you are starting a single player world, I would highly recommend Technic. Technic is a collection of mods that are singleplayer compatible, and so has quite a few more than it's multiplayer counterpart Tekkit. Tekkit, however was built to work with bukkit and so makes the ideal multiplayer mod pack. Both packs contain the same core mods that work with both SSP and SMP, however Technic includes some other outstanding mods like Mo'Creatures and Thaumcraft (my favorite mod to date) that are singleplayer only.
  9. I really hope we are not also flaming the FTB forums, and that this whole debacle is entirely one sided dickishness.
  10. Have you allowed Buildcraft to modify the world? Buildcrat needs to be an op on your server.
  11. That is not a theory, that is a hypothesis. A theory is an explanation based off experimentation. Your conclusion is merely guess work. The problem, at least for railcraft appears to be related to how the array that handles a players inventory is called. It is probably just a simple off-by-one bug that is very common when using arrays if you are not careful, and one that I have face-palmed many times after noticing. Also, did you notice how people stopped questioning Sponge after other people were able to verify his post? They weren't attacking him, they were just skeptical.
  12. I would try playing around with a bus tranciever. From what I've been able to figure out, applying a signal to the sides of the transceiver will allow you to controll the passing of signals through it. Try building a test setup with some bundled cable and colored lights/levers to test it yourself. You can also change the distance of red alloy wire if the config file.
  13. There are a bunch of awesome guys over at the Server Op Swap Shop. Try hitting them up for some advice. Also, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube and such, try searching for a few of those as well.
  14. I would take this request to /r/minecraft or the MCF. You may find more interest there.
  15. You have all the required resources to build a generator and macerator. Placing ores in the macerator will produce two metal dust that can be smelted into ingots, effectively doubling your metal collection. You will need to craft a tree tap and collect sap from rubber trees (found in swamps usually). Cook the sticky resin into rubber to make wires and circuits.
  16. Does anyone else have access to commands other than you?
  17. I have a feeling someone used the /reload command. You need to actually stop and start the server to correct this issue.
  18. That is not likely to happen. The Technic pack has a large user base of kids under the legal smoking age. Including the Tobacco Craft mod into the base instal would be quite controversial to say the least.
  19. One solution is patience. Buildcraft 3 follows the convention first seen in Forestry. The items placed into filters and auto crafting tables are mearly ghost items, or rather they are the picture of the item, but not the actual item itself. Simply click an item into a slot to make a ghost item, and then click without anything to clear that slot.
  20. And as a meme passes into its dying days, so continues the circle of life... of the internet.
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