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  1. People seek internet drama if they have to little or too much of it in their real lives. Sigh... I just went on their website. Will they ever get the donation page up? :/
  2. You are as bad as some FTB fanboys I've seen. Don't do that.
  3. A Tekkiter for only a week and he goes and gives his password away. So long TheGamezzCrew. :(
  4. I'd recommend contacting the developer of the ICBM mod, Calclavia, with your suggestions. Here is the link: http://forum.calclavia.com/index.php?categories/mod-discussion.40/
  5. I would recommend suggesting this to MrBrutal, the developer of Traincraft in SpitFire's absence, over at the Minecraft forums. Here is the link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1587267-146sspsmplanforgetraincraft-formerly-trains-zeppelin-mod/
  6. I would suggest that you learn to use punctuation. It makes people take value in your opinion and ideas, rather than simply dismissing you as incompetent.
  7. Does the same thing occur in single player, or only when you are on a server? Do you have cheat mode enabled?
  8. You need to shift click with a screwdriver.
  9. Latest is not a version. Click on options in the launcher menu to select which version of the Volts mod pack you wish to play. You must select manual build selection.
  10. Is the server running the default voltz pack? Do you have the correct version selected in the launcher options menu?
  11. You're missing out. Enchantments got a huge boost in 1.3+, and with enchantable books now you can get some incredible items (respiration 3 makes you auqa man). Thaumcraft, SoulShars, and Redpower add their own enchantments too.
  12. There are a few things to consider. Keeping the materials in ore form takes up less space than ingots. You should have a fast auto macerating system to turn ore into ingots. However, almost all metal can be stored as blocks which is better than keeping it in ore form. A few items do actually need the ore version of metals though. The sorting system needs the ore placed in the diamond pipe, filter, or sorting machine depending on what you are using. The soul crucible requires iron ore to make dark nuggets for the vile sword. So pretty much yes, you do want to process all your materials. It also makes me happy to see a chest full of metal blocks. PS. Remember to use fortune on those diamonds, redstone, coal, lapiz, redpower gems, thaumcraft crystals, and xycraft ore.
  13. That may be true, but optifine doesn't like any modpack. Users are encouraged to add it on their own.
  14. Use the function peripheral.wrap("right") and have it assign a peripheral to a variable. -- This is a comment. The compiler will ignore anything on the same line after a double dash. --The monitor is connected to the top of the computer. Defining this variable here allows us --to quickly change what side the monitor is actually on if we want to move things around. --If we didn't do this, we would have to change the side (for example from "right" to "top" --every single place we typed it in this program. --if you miss one instance, the computer will yell at you, so it's best to do it like so. local side = "top" --A variable used to store the handle returned by the peripheral.wrap() function. --mon is short for monitor, but you can name this whatever you like as long as it is a valid variable name. local mon = 0 if peripheral.isPresent(side) and peripheral.getType(side) == "monitor" then mon = peripheral.wrap(side) else print("No monitor detected on the ".. side .." of the computer." end --Now you can use mon just like you would use term (stands for terminal). --Instead of typing this, peripheral.call(side,"write", "The mining turtles can bypass protections!") --you just have to type this. mon.write("The mining turtles can bypass protections!") --Both of these do the same thing, though the second option is easier to read and quicker to type. Note, the monitor does not have print(), only write(). Here are all the APIs for ComputerCraft. http://computercraft.info/wiki/index.php?title=Category:APIs
  15. Use thermal expansion or use a liquid loader from railcraft.
  16. Why would you want to use covalence dust anyways? If you are using the vanilla or redpower tools/ weapons instead of the mining drill, it's probably because you have a good enchantment on them. Using covalence dust strips off that enchantment. I find the anvil mechanic in vanilla to be very balanced and fun to use (as long as you have an xp grinder or breeding farm set up). The only thing they could really alter is to make the max level cap higher.
  17. If you're looking for a poo flinging competition, you're on the wrong forum. You should use whichever mod pack you prefer.
  18. You not only get a good computer. You get the BEST computer... from 1994... I wish for an internship this summer.
  19. Wow, this is one awesome project. Great job Rutibex!
  20. Don't worry man. With the addition of custom modpacks to the launcher, Technic can finally be the user friendly simple to install launcher that I always felt it should be. Once server owners get their custom packs running, we'll have a much broader, and greatly more varied modded minecraft experience.
  21. I'll have a chance to play around with it in the morning, but I just wanted to provide some first thoughts on this map. Mainly, I really like that you went with trade-o-mats. They're one of my favorite items, and you don't see people using them all that much. Secondly, I understand the need to make the map out of indestructible blocks. However, I've always felt that the bedrock texture was a bit ugly. If you were to update this map, try to add some other colors on top of the bedrock, or even hide it behind microblocks. you could even use the forcefeild camouflage upgrade to replace the bedrock. Anyways, that was just my opinion on cosmetics. I'll have a chance to test the functionality in the morning, but looking at the screenshots I think you did an amazing job on this map.
  22. IndustrialCraft cannot do that. Redpower however, does work with railcraft and buildcraft tanks. Simply connect the pipe directly to the tank instead of a grate.
  23. Redpower's pump transfers liquid blocks from one place to another. Place a grate down on the bottom of the pond and have fun. Check this out for more info. http://integratedredstone.wikispaces.com/Fluid+Pipe+System
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