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  1. I've been playing around with GregTech as well. While it has a few interesting features, it seems (to me at least) to turn Industrial craft into a sort of epic grind. I'm not sure I really like that.
  2. I'm just going to assume that last 0.1% is for looking at cute pictures of kittens and puppies. You're right. That percentage should be way WAY higher. There is something very wrong here indeed.
  3. You mean for fun? Definitely old fashion caving. For resources though, it'd have to be nukes followed by redpower.
  4. "Nightmare Ned" man... fucking "Nightmare Ned". *shivers*
  5. I'm loving the mod pack so far. Amazing work Calclavia! :D
  6. There are no such things as "Tekkit ores". What you are asking is for someone to help you add silver, nikolite, marble, and basalt from Redpower 2 as well as tin, copper, and uranium form Industrial Craft to the Terrain Control ratios. What you should be doing is asking the creator of the plugin him/herself for assistance. "Does your plugin support generation of ores added to the Forge Ore Dictionary?"
  7. From someone who does not have EE installed, I look at it this way. Silver is insanely valuable to me. I need it to make blue alloy ingots which I use for wires, motors, pumps, batboxes, ect. As well as solar panels. I end up eating through stacks and stacks of it when I am working on a project. Redstone on the other hand is even more valuable. It is not only used for wires, but for many important mod items as well. What is valuable to me most, however; are diamonds. Since I cannot simply pull them out of a creative menu (or rather condense them out of thin air), I go with the silver recipe. It is just two more cables but every diamond counts.
  8. Guys, necroing isn't necessarily against the rules. The thing is, your comment needs to add something to the conversation.
  9. warpspeed10


    Well the dusts would have to be ferromagnetic to feel an attraction on their own. So unless you want to mix everything with iron filings (for example), this doesn't seem very practical. Minecraft obviously doesn't follow reality perfectly; however, mods trying to implement magnetism are more enjoyable if they at least try.
  10. What does Technic using the concept of fair use have to do with Sylais making baseless, inflammatory claims against the FTB pack?
  11. And don't EVER try walking barefoot across a room filled with these little plastic landmines.
  12. Could you provide some screenshots so we can see if it is worth downloading?
  13. I bought minecraft in 1.7 a few weeks before 1.8 came out. A few buddies on my floor suggested it to me, so I figured I'd give it a go.
  14. Check with an EU-meter to ensure you did not place any of the storage units or transformers the wrong direction. To do this simply place a bat box at the end of the line and check with the meter. There may be a break in the wire somewhere. In addition to this, copper cable has a loss of 1 EU every 5 blocks. If your cable is too long all the energy will be lost. Glass fiber is therefore ideal at the smallest EU loss distance. Could you take a screenshot by pressing F2? Find the screenshot by looking in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\tekkit\screenshots or a similar file path depending on how you have your computer set up. Then upload that screenshot to an image hosting site like imgur and post the link to the image here. That would allow us to spot any problems you may have overlooked.
  15. Ah, so she's waiting till the Assassins save the world.
  16. It looks like an amazing decorative mod. I might try it out on my single player world, but until it adds some cool functionality, I probably wont push for my friends to put it on our server.
  17. What are you talking about? Hackers are generally good people and an inspiration to us all. It just depends if you are a white hat or black hat. White hats usually get paid more anyways. If you start hacking when you're young, your problem solving skills and ability to think outside the box will help you greatly once you enter the industry.
  18. Could you go to the Tekkit bug report forums and post your operating system, java version, the version of tekkit you are using, and your most recent crash log found in your logs folder. This will help us narrow down your problem much quicker than probing in the dark. If you need any help filling out the form, there are some very useful stickies on the bug forum with all the information you need.
  19. Could you take a screenshot of your setup and then upload it to an image hosting site like imgur?
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