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  1. Have you not heard of exponential growth? Just keep duplicating plants.
  2. Yes, the relays were pointing the wrong way. They are designed to spit out any item in their inventory automatically. The side they spit out from is the small hole on the grey side. There needs to be a valid inventory down the line, or else the relay will hold onto its items until there is somewhere to send it. You could also have a buildcraft pipe dropping its items into free-fall over the mouth of a transposer/filter with the small hole of the transposer/filter connected to a pipe. To reverse the process, just send the item to a transposer/filter with it's big hole facing the pipe and its little hole facing an obsidian tube.
  3. When crossbreeding, you have an 80% chance of the child being of the same species as one of the two parents, and a 20% chance of obtaining a completely different species. It's not the best system, but it's what is in place in the current version of IC2.
  4. As of the current version, teleport pipes can only transfer materials within the same world as each other. To transfer materials between dimensions, you need to put them into an Ender chest, or use Mystcraft portals. In the case of liquids, you need to pipe it into containers such as buckets, or cells before sending it to the Ender chest. If you are using the lava for power generation, I would recommend placing the generators in the nether with your lava and a chunk loader. Then all you have to do is keep passing energy crystals between dimensions in the Ender chest.
  5. The IndustrialCraft wiki is quite lacking in detailed information, and the Tekkit wiki is horrendously out of date. Let that be the end of it. Sam, can you provide us some screenshots of your setup. We may be able to find a mistake you overlooked.
  6. The best way to learn is to experiment yourself. There are a few good places to start such as Direwolf20's frame quarry on YouTube, but honestly you should really go into a flatworld and just play around with frames.
  7. King Arthur: I'm all alone all by myself there is no one here beside me I'm all alone quite, all alone no one to comfort me or guide me why is there no one here with me on the long and winding road to lift my heavy load if there were someone here with me how happy i would be but I'm alone quite all alone all by myself I'm all alone... http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/spamalot/imallalone.htm
  8. IC2 crop breeding is almost completely random. You have the highest chances of obtaining any child plant with a tire +1 or -3 of the parent plants. Placing up to 3 dirt blocks under the farmland block as well as growing your crops in swamp, followed by jungle and mushroom biomes will help cultivation as well. The trick is to maximize your crossbreeding chance by crossbreeding as many plants as physically possible. Two 3x3 farms will not cut it. A 9x9 farm will grow the rarer plants eventually, however two 9x9 farms will definitely get you going. The 9x9 comes from the fact that water will hydrate, and crop-ma-trons will monitor an area of 4 blocks in all directions from themselves.
  9. Just tell the robots that this statement is false. Fry their circuits with a nasty logic loop.
  10. Try removing any non-redpower blocks from the frames such as the enderchest, and teleport tethers. Certain items will crash your client if moved such as pumps from buildcraft.
  11. Again, it could be a number of things you may have overlooked. Screenshots would really help us debug your problem.
  12. Did you move the frame quarry outside of the area that was causing you issues?
  13. Did you try... you know... asking him to stop, as a friend?
  14. All we can do is guess as to what your problem could be unless you provide us with pictures of your problem.
  15. It's fun to start your new maps off with a small encampment you have pre-built in creative. I just started playing a SSP world with a small frame airship drive train already built. As I collected materials, I have added on a quarry head, some sleeping quarters, a machine shop, and an oil pump/ refinery. I have to keep moving from oil well to oil well since my base is powered by fuel (solar is lame). Other than that, every world I start represents a new path to endgame I am exploring since there are many ways to accomplish the same goal. You can use Industrial Craft's agriculture system to cultivate reeds that leak sticky resin. They are called stickreed. That, or try to find a swampland for the actual trees.
  16. What is this so called "cooling" you speak of?
  17. Ok? You can fit more uranium in and still make it stable.
  18. The lighting for this map seems a bit Lego-y (I just made that a word) and intense on the eyes. Have you considered toning it down a little? Also, the platforms seem a bit small and restrictive.
  19. Here is the download page for the client and server. http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads. All you need to do is configure it. A quick google search will show you how.
  20. EE takes self control on the user's part. I avoid Equivalent Exchange like the plague for everything other than building. By that, I mean every item I craft is achieved without EE. However, in order to build the large, complex bases I prefer I require the building materials from EE. It is indeed possible to not use it at all, however, it is more fun to just build big structures, than to farm marble for 2 hours.
  21. I think it would really help if we were to get a Teamspeak 3 server going, so we all could chat when we're not on the server. Also we could communicate without having to stop and type in chat.
  22. Ya, I mean when I'm online I'm super productive (airbase in 3 hours is a new record for me), the hard part is actually getting all my other stuff done first to hop on the server.
  23. Wait, that's... what... 3 alt accounts in the course of an hour? Is that a new record?
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