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  1. Minecraft Username: DEADxSHOT Time Zone:EST Reason for Applying:I want a private no PVP server with nice people and fun things to do:D Do you plan on staying:yes i plan on staying on this server until i get everything in the game completed Opinion on Explosions:its horrible it causes lag and crashes Are you a nice person:im a verynice person ill help people who really needs help on anything:D dont read secret butter level BUTTTTTTTTTWEERRRRERRERREERREE
  2. alright how bout this : i also like the fact that griefers and stealers will be banned quicky and with all the mature people in this server i hope itll be fun and exciting:)
  3. Your exact user-name as it appears in game DEADxSHOT A short description of why you wish to join I would love to be on this server and i would be on 24/7 Your biome preference (forest, grassland, desert, tundra, jungle)Forest/grassland Your terrian preference (mountain, flat, mixed)Mixed Access to water (coastline, river, lake, none)lake
  4. In game name DEADxSHOT Age18 LocationUSA Minecraft experience to date 5 years Why do you want to play on our server Because i like the way of this server and how its all put together so i would be pleased to join this server as its proud member
  5. im sorry sometimes my laptop caps gets stuck

  6. lusifer remmeber meDEADxSHOT please message me the ip to the server were we met


    1. profjb


      I would like you didnt use caps u put IGN:DDeadxshot i used common sense and took the D out of :D to do DDeadxshot just ask me next time please instead of raging.

  8. IGN:DDEADxSHOT Have you ever been banned:Never What do you plan to do on the server:Make one badass factory What is your experience level with Tekkit?Medium almost know most stuff in tekkit
  9. IGN: DEADxSHOT Reason for wanting to become a member: I would like full access to your plugins. Why should we accept you: If you would like a loyal member, I believe that you should accept me along with my friends who have yet to post
  10. Username DEADxSHOT Age:16 Gender:Male Are you available to use Skype:No i do not have a mic Timezone:USA Hours of your regular online times:Everyday A small introduction of yourself:Iam friendy and will help with all problems and i am really good at tekkit What are your skills: (E.G Plugins, ComputerCraft, Moderating, Building)I know about amost all tekkit stuff except computercraft or redpower Proof of these skills: (Example Media Here)I cannot take pics for some weird reason my laptop wont let me take it in game What do you prefer: Popularity from the players or Interest of the Server Interest of the server Decision making Skills You see two players arguing. You go to investigate and learn that one of the players has destroyed one of the other's creation? What are the steps you take to fix the problem? Ask the player who destroyed the creation 'why did you destroy the machine thats consedered griefing'*Send to jail* Player A wants to Donate 15$ to the server. You see that I'm not online. You know how to set up the rank and know my email. What do you do? Email you that a player has donated the 15$ and wait for your approval to set up his rank (Factor the rules of my server in this one) You see a younger player being raided. He's crying and pleading the raiders to stop, but they don't show any signs of stopping anytime soon. How do you deal with the situation. Stop them by putting them in jail and give back the items he lost (Factor the rules of my server in this one) You invited your best friend to the server. You see him get into a dispute with another player. How do you deal with the situation, and what do you do if that solution does not work. Use common sense and help them out by getting them to stop and if it dousnt work i mute them for 20 minutes and then unmute one and ask him if he learned his leason and do the same about the other
  11. IGN: IGN: DEADxSHOT Age: 14 Timezone: USA How long have you been playing tekkit: 6 months How often will you be on the server: As often as possible Would you like to join the teamspeak(optional): probably, don't really use team speak much.
  12. Excuse me im going to buy this game later on like tomorrow and also is the server full ? Also im wondering what are the mods of the server just to be sure ?
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