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  1. IGN (In Game Name):Hduggy4422 Age:16 Why Horizon?:Because it seems like a really cool server full of cool people. What is your goal on the server?:Lead a party of adventurers through minecraftia,doing cool stuff and getting cool loot.Then when we've got lots of stuff,build an impenetrable fortress,and rule an area of land,still doing lots of adventuring.Help out newbies, and those who need help,but not just some lazy jerk who's gonna let me and my team do all the work and reap the rewards.Help stop those who attempt to grief,set up shops and sell things to needy people.
  2. IGN:Hduggy4422 Age:16 Why would you like to join our community?I want to play hexxit with others without griefing/involuntary pvp,in a place where people actually use their brains and work together,and this seems like what I want. Have you read, and agree to all of our rules?Yes and Yes Do you know how to install the Hexxit Mod Pack?Yup,it's currently installed in my technic launcher as well.
  3. this is pretty cool idea.But it should mostly be for pvp
  4. "Hey Bro,i found a vein of macerators!" "WUT?Oh right,mineralvein."
  5. I like this idea.I like it very much.
  6. you just want to watch the world die,dont you...and thats a bit of a stupid idea,seeing as most naturally generated caves and ravines would cave in.And most blocks are unaffected by gravity for a reason.Dont go ruiing a perfectly good system with your reality.
  7. No 3x3 crafting table in inventory.but the rest sounds good.
  8. You're proposing more realism,and he's adding on to your realism.dont bitch about it.
  9. bad idea.No point at all.i can understand a mod with actual cool uses,but clay soldiers is just useless except for making the clay soldiers fight each other.
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