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  1. My bad, I totally derped on that one. Sorry fellas. Now, time to be actually helpful! Making back ups will work as a band-aid but we really need to figure out what is corrupting the server in the first place. Do you host it yourself or does a hosting service do it for you? Also, have you installed anything on the server that maybe having conflicts with your already present mods?
  2. If you're going for a straight melee build, and unless for some reason you need your Intelligence and Perception that high, i would add another point or two into endurance so you can have a bit more health and not get mowed down by gunfire before you even get close to your target.
  3. Go to your config folder, open up ThaumCraft2.cfg, change aura.taintspawn=1 to 0. Simple enough?
  4. Try looking in the Tekkit Servers forum section.
  5. There is a way to prevent the taint from spawning during the world generation, but you can still taint it yourself by using thaumcraft items alot. Alter the one line in the config file for thaumcraft for taint during spawn to be false and you'll be set.
  6. I truly am ashamed to say I have only seen 3 of the star trek movies and only just recently started watching the original series on netflix. But, I have vowed to watch them all, come hell or high Romulans.
  7. Can you take a screen shot of the setup? Maybe someone can deduce the problem easier that way?
  8. Aye, like a fine wine, he is. A gentleman and a scholar.
  9. Then she can't be trusted either. We must mobilize the hamsters at once!
  10. Yea, sorry about that. Check out the other link I put up. I swear it's not something stupid this time.
  11. It's a classic and therefore, good, right? That is how it still works, isn't? Aged = good? OK, on a more serious note though, check this one out. It's Chevelle - Family System
  12. Hey now, no need to insult Sir Nerdenstein of Nerdopolis. We should all just get along and embrace our inner nerdom and nerd it up in here.
  13. I'm actually quite curious as to the reasoning behind needing to track so much EMC. Are you making and epic build, hoarding it, or what? I'm sorry for prying, but I simply must know. (Not really, but you know how it goes.)
  14. So basically, yet another person is asking how to play Technic with a cracked minecraft account? This shan't end well for you...
  15. I had no idea that oil could be used to irrigate soil and grow reeds. It was a very informative video.
  16. Xbox Live: Hushful Steam: Hushful Minecraft: Hushful Youtube: Inconel174 If you see a Hushful, it's 95% chance it's me.
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