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  1. I've had to remove a couple threads started by people extolling the virtues of this server. Keep it in thread or I start handing out temp bans.
  2. No. We don't check the boards at all and just leave them up so spammers have a place to advertise wonder cures and voodoo relationship magic.
  3. Obviously we've progressed past the honeymoon stage with our voodoo enslaved girlfriends and now need escorts for variety to satisfy our manly desires. Apparently the profile the spammers have of us is Lifetime Original Movie Antagonist.
  4. magical girl Neowulf theme: space motif: moon weapon: tambourine magic: mist colors: midnight + pastel yellow Pretty generic. Swap the weapon for a tiara and it's just sailor moon.
  5. "because your killing us" Seriously? The only entities afraid of Death by Silence are fictional ones... So Mr fivekingdoms1 of 2, are you sure you want to push that narrative?
  6. From the posts here, every tiny event that happens on one server simultaneously happens on the other. So it's one of 3 things. 1: There is only 1 server and you guys are running 2 threads, which is against the rules. 2: Your users are misrepresenting the conditions on one of the two servers to bump it in the forums. Breaking multiple rules and putting it well within my authority to spamclean their accounts and wipe hundreds of post from the forums. 3: Your server group has formed a quantum entanglement between the two servers, causing events to happen simultaneously across distances and dispar
  7. If this double posting across the two 5 kingdoms servers does not stop I am closing the threads. I am not convinced there are two servers, as every single little accomplishment you guys post is done on both threads. And Hego_damask/Sheev_palpatine, we do have IP tools. 1 account. And no, I will not accept any variation of the "identical twin brothers" excuse. And, seriously guys. You might want to tone down the enthusiasm a bit. The average minecraft player is 15, not 5. Your thinly disguised bump post banter should not look like the script of a show populated by primary colored talking anim
  8. I found one attacking a squad of supermutants. I just sat back and watched it goo 4 regulars and a master while a suicider ran in terror and hid behind a building. Only took me about 40 shotgun rounds in close quarters to finish the last 10% health left. Must pull myself away from fallout. I'm level 47 and have barely done any of the main storyline quests. I need to stop before I burn out on settlement building/maintenance. Plus there's a patch in the pipeline apparently and I want to see what they do with it. I kinda want to play a HQM pack. Anyone got suggestions? And/or interested in te
  9. That's not a spoiler, that's an intro sequence. And I think people are ragging on the story because the main storyline doesn't really stand out compared to the other features in the game. It's as good as 3 and NV, but the side features are just better this time around. 7 spare power armor cores, one on Nick (followers in power armor is epic), and I'm in an X-01 set. 30 fusion cores. Level 30 heavily invested in crafting and settlement perks. I took this week off work for the game... As for settler assignment woes, I've read forcing settlers to wear specific hats helps keep track of things.
  10. Finished the building, at the end you have to fight the guy who killed your wife and stole your baby. Another legendary synth in the room with the merc guy... I'm getting afraid of continuing. If things keep going this way I'll be fighting a half dozen legendary deathclaws in a cave...
  11. Two legendaries critters, a legendary raider, and a supermutant patrol with suicider just making it to a quest building. Inside, two legendary synths and a named "leader synth" that was just as hard to kill as the legendaries, all in the same room. I'm thinking their legendary spawn mechanic needs some balancing...
  12. There are already stores that generate caps and a salvage station that generates building materials when you assign a settler to them. Plus excess food and water in a settlement becomes actual items in settlement storage. But none of that affects the world by actually taking away objects. Building isn't really needed, but I suspect a prefab swapping upgrade system will be possible once the script extender is in place. Parties of NPCs that you unleash on an area and have them seek out items to pick up should be possible too, but anything other than "Companions, clean this place out while I sit
  13. I ran out of wood building the second floor of a building that completely encases a small farming settlement. Modding is going to be fun. There are some building part gaps that will be extremely simple to fill. Like wall pieces for the small slabs, a concrete foundation small slab, and fences with a foundation. Maybe a larger slab size for floors, too. And I definitely want ceiling turrets, floodlights, a powered dirt well, and hydroponics to grow food off dirt.
  14. Eeeeeehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehe!!!! War never changes.
  15. "pAsspORTs UK fRAnCE RUsSia WANts tO KNow whERE tHe CheeTOs aNd mt. DEW arE?"
  16. Ooo, interesting. Spam for black magic spells to defend against other black magic spells. This could be interesting. I'm guessing it will eventually evolve into PVP roleplaying with thread titles of "i CAsT Black Magic Love Missile aT babaji12321" and "+16058675309 jakarta i dEFEnd agAINsT Black Magic Love Missile witH Black Magic Shield of Light"
  17. Swap the R9 280 3G with an R9 380 4G, stick with XFX if you wish. It's a little cheaper, has an extra gig of ram, and will give better future performance. The 300 series has massive performance increases with directx12, so going forward it will be a better card. Budget lacks operating system, which you really need to get windows if you're using AMD. That's my one real gripe with them, horrid linux support. Also, build lacks an SSD. These days it's insanity to cripple a gaming system by running off a platter.
  18. Neither of my daughters can do this yet. I have failed as a father...
  19. Minimum and recommended for ram is 8gig, so 8 should be just fine. I'm guessing the game will actually take like 4-6gig when running.
  20. Dual core won't run fallout. I personally pay more attention to number of reviews than specific brands. I've seen ASUS, biostar, and gigabyte motherboards all go through good and bad cycles. Ooo, rebranded OCZ 240gig SSD for $70 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820228119 SSD prices are getting down there. Unrelated: I Was Right! One of the spammers was advertising "childless solutions". Didn't bother finding out if it was black market adoption or black magic impregnation spells. And for my next prediction, 6 months from now we'll see offers to buy brainwashed slave n
  21. 8 is both minimum and recommended, so the game probably won't see a boost from more ram. Full requirements are at the bottom of the steam page for it: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377160/ 4 cores 3.0ghz processor, 8gig ram, 30gig HD space (sorely tempted to free up space on my SSD for this), and a minimum 2gig graphics card GTX 550 TI or radeon HD 7870. Someone leaked some PC screenshots supposedly at max settings. Man I wish I could afford a monster machine.
  22. Definitely add more ram. Fallout needs atleast 8gig. And I'm not sure that motherboard will have a slot for a discrete graphics card. So it would be a good idea to plug the model into HP's website and see what it shipped with. As for built it yourself. It might actually be possible to meet the minimums with an A10-7870 and 16+gig of ram. Edit: Also, http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.2552841 meets the minimums.
  23. The rest of the machine is new as of march and cost me roughly $350, so the card brings it to the $500 mark. AMD fx-6000 chip, 8gig ram, 120gig SSD, 1TB HD, case, power supply. All I reused was the video card and the dvd writer.
  24. When I was researching what card to get for fallout 4 I was reminded why I stay away from intel and nvidia as much as possible. Comparing a radeon to a geforce of similar price, gpuboss gave the nvidia card a 10% better rating despite all but two metrics falling in the radeon's favor. Some metrics by 200-300% better on the radeon. Clock and memory speeds, texture fill rates, actual game frame rates, 3dmark scores for dx10 and dx11. All of that takes second fiddle to 50 watts of draw power and 3dmark directx 9 scores apparently. I wish I could tell google to never show me to never show me tha
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