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  1. The truth miniboxer, is both. The whole technic team is actually one person, a dissociative identity disorder sufferer named Robert Kaker. Kakermix is the dominant personality and a combination of his last name and the fact he's a mix of personalities. Cheapshot is his creative side, formed after years of ridicule leveled on him by his hippy-beatnik parents for being a "square downer computer geeknerd with, like, no art soul man". Agelian is the repressed technical side, constantly searching for recognition for his work while still hiding from the spotlight. Pray you n
  2. You need a stronger engine than a redstone one. An electric engine (the tin one from forestry) can easily run a wheat farm and harvester pair. Peat fired engines can too, and a single peat bog setup can run a good number of engines.
  3. Meh, smell-o-vision will never take off entirely because there is no porn application for it. Every major entertainment advancement that can't be attributed to the military sector (and some that can be) has gotten major backing from the porn industry. VCRs, DVDs, streaming media, portable video, digital cameras, analog and digital camcorders, smartphones, ect... All were developed to help satisfy someone's fetish easier. Knowing that, the physical touch suit will probably be the next advancement from that list to see retail.
  4. Man adapts. By the time they can standardize on an adaptive 3D display with massive resolution, perfect color reproduction, and head and eye motion tracking, man will most likely have figured out how to differentiate even that from reality. My bet is on the blind man phenomenon, make it so one sense cannot be trusted and the other senses will compensate. Your eyes may tell you you're standing in the middle of a field, but your skin will cry foul about the lack of air movement and your nose will wonder where the aromas from the flowers are. Though yeah, cases of schizophrenia and delusion
  5. Neowulf

    Rubber trees?

    I always find a small group within sight of start. Though I usually end up starting smack dab in the middle of a large swamp... Just keep looking for the lighter leaves and pillar on top, they're out there.
  6. Most people just geek out over it. We like it a lot, have a lot of fun, and occasionally get some good ideas from it. A small group of people have problems differentiating reality from the fiction, these are the ones you're talking about when you liken it to a religion. These are the people who take it way too far and are the ones focused on by the media. This is no different than any other work of fiction. Right now it's quite easy to find examples of twilight fans who refuse to accept their fiction isn't reality. Occasionally you read stories about star wars fans taking things too f
  7. To impress upon everyone that his plight is very dire indeed, and to ensure all understand he's quite the capable individual so the problem is solely the fault of the tekkit people, not his own. All caps prove to us he's confident in his actions. So we can rule out him not exacting the files properly, because that's entirely impossible. Infact we don't even have to rule out the obvious stuff because it was never a possibility to begin with, that is the immutable truth conveyed by the all caps subject line.
  8. Can't really see much, but... If you're using a small energy generation set, use copper cable only for a 4 piece run between batboxes and a 4 piece run after your final batbox for all your machines. Are you sinking the watermills fully surrponded by water, or manually feeding them? Sinking them in water only provides a very small amount of power. As for your batboxes being full, you need to power your machines from the dot side of the batbox, which is the output. If you can trace a wire run between your machines and your watrer mills without having to go through a batbox, you're doing it
  9. Should have done one more image, zoomed back out with all of the threads replaced with Tekkit 2.0 is Broken.
  10. Photoshopping ethnics: Should all photos be retouched to comply with american stereotypes? Discuss.
  11. Wait till the tekkit 2.0 server is fixed and rereleased, then try to port over. It should Just Work at that point, no midas patch needed.
  12. AVG free isn't bad, it easily caught the PDF deployed rootkit that symantec corporate edition at work ignores. McAfee is the only legit one I know of that's worse than symantec.
  13. USB based network cards for Wired: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100010064%20600016288&IsNodeId=1&name=USB and Wireless: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100010074%204024&IsNodeId=1&name=%240%20-%20%2410 networks are really cheap. Sorry, but I work helpdesk and it really irks me to see cheap and easy technical fixes go unused.
  14. IC2 pump can pull liquids from tanks if you put the pump in top of the tank. It's not super fast, but it works without having to mess with extra mods or even a simple redpower setup.
  15. 1 Mass fabriator 1 Solar Panel Lots of time Infinite diamonds, metal, whatever!
  16. 1: Cobblestone generator 2: IC2 Recycler bank 3: Autocrafting table 4: Redpower deployer 5: Redpower transposer 6: Sorting 7: Enjoy free items
  17. Please edit in some basic punctuation. All I can tell is you have a bukkit and a tekkit server. You aren't trying to run both at once, are you?
  18. By very careful with the energy link. Energy linking the quarry can spew out more items then you're prepared to deal with if you don't over-engineer your processing setup. And the filler on the clear pattern can easily overtax your client and server by breaking too many blocks. I just got done clearing a 64x64x32 area underground, even in small 16x16 chunks only ~20 layers deep I had to hustle to pick up all the cobblestone before it nuked my machine. Each chunk ate about half a mil EU too (yay for geothermal mk2 and an overzealous ic2 miner/pump combo).
  19. Just added Otherdrops because you can have zombies get back up (spawn a new zombie when one dies) with it http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-otherdrops-2-1-ultimate-block-mob-player-drop-editing-supports-spoutmaterials-1-1r1.21074/ *edit*Just a warning though, this thing is a bitch when it comes to your server console. All the non-vanilla miners and new blocks cause a flood of long error messages. I'm sure there is a way to add everything to the config, but I don't feel like wading through the documentation. I've also added a couple custom recipes to recipemanager, like wheat seeds to
  20. Anyone know of something simple for someone partially color blind? Everything else about the game is fine, but the buildcraft diamond pipes give me a problem. The yellow and green used are impossible to tell apart.
  21. Re: What kind of [sERVER ONLY] mods do you use ? Installed but I haven't really tested any yet, I used them with my bukkit server before tekkit released. ForeverALoad for chunk loading http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admin-fix-foreveraload-v1-1-keep-your-chunks-forever-a-loaded-1-0-1-r1.28665/ Super Cauldrons because it looked cool http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-supercauldrons-v1-2-0-water-sources-done-right-1-0-1-r1.48061/ PorteCoulissante for castle gates http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-portecoulissante-v1-2-6-easy-and-realistic-portcullises-556-1-0-1-r1.7346/
  22. By in do you mean planned inclusion with the next release, or just someone can put them in manually? Because I've tried tossing the appropriate zips for additional buildcraft objects into the mods folder, and mod loader just ignores them erroring "wrong folder". The insides of the zip files are different from the other mods in stock tekkit as well, which I'm guessing is the cause of the error. I'm really interested in the balance pipe and insertion pipe
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