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  1. 17 times. I do believe that's a new record for accidental double posts. Still an order of magnitude behind the intentional multi-post record (currently held by one of those black magic rapist scammers). Yay for that little question block on the signup page. Before they added that I was spending hours a day clearing out spammers (not helped by the slow load times and constant forum crashes).
  2. I'd love to see an american group try making something similar without leather gimp masks or being so flaming gay that they lisp "fabulous" instead of snoring when they sleep.
  3. Try looking up Yatta Green Leaves on youtube. Japan just hands down wins.
  4. New to me. Looks like a wannabe hacker seeing if they can invoke javascript commands with a username. I didn't get a blank alert window so it doesn't work in chrome.
  5. You're a mean one Leth. You know minecraft modders are dramavores. You would have them starve? True the forum conditions here are pretty severe and the lands are hard working due to the software issues. But a keen farmer can still pull a nourishing crop from the fertile soil.
  6. Weird. If you wait on a thread that's not showing the latest posts it will eventually display a "new replies" popup and let you see the missing posts. Between that oddness and the fact it took me 2 hours to clean out the spammers last friday because of excruciatingly slow page load times, I'm not too impressed with this forum update.
  7. CNN's short title for this link: "Atomic blast guinea pig seen on ocean floor" http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/17/us/sunken-navy-carrier-revealed/index.html I'm disappointed "guinea pig" meant the science test subject kind, not the now-mutated-kaiju-sized-rodent variety.
  8. He looked older when I met him.
  9. Memory will let you add more detail, speed lets you do it with more FPS. 1gig of vram is enough to play at PS3/Xbox360 detail levels. My real problem right now is the input scheme (aircraft are horrible with KB+M) and internet speed (hard to play when everything is teleporting).
  10. Check the physical card for the full model number, or check your catalyst control center for the hardware specs to get the memory and clock speed. The first 2 numbers denote family and memory (roughly), which tells me your 6800 has a gig of ram just like my 5700. The trailing 2 gives the relative clock speed, which in my case would be 70 (HD 5770) due to my clock speed being 850MHZ. Checking the performance you could play it a little better than me. But yeah, a card upgrade is a better idea than crossfire. If only due to the need for another 250W of full load capacity from your power supply.
  11. From what I've seen, yes it is. They even took the time to add an estimate to the graphics settings to show how much ram your video card needs to store the settings you have selected. I think they feared what an even slightly botched PC rollout would do to them after the year+ delay, and went the extra couple miles to make sure it was worth it.
  12. Not entirely disappearing. Can't play when the shorty and squeaker are awake (my daughters). That said, damnitIwannabeplayingrightnow! I can pull unwavering 30FPS on low settings with DX11 in 1280x720 windowed on my 6 year radeon hd 5700. If I drop it to DX10 it frees just enough memory to do 1920x1080 full screen low settings according to the settings dialog. Looking at getting an R7 260x or R9 270x to replace my video card. Both should be in my Watt budget and are 2gig cards. Wish I had the cash to do a real gaming rig, with an fx-8350, R9 290x, 16gig of ram, and a 256gig or bigger SSD.
  13. GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V GTA V This steam countdown better not be playing with me...
  14. Oh yeah, there it is. I haven't had someone tell me I'm horrible at this because I didn't do as they demanded for weeks. I thought I was losing my touch... Aww melfice, you gave it away... But yeah. No copyright notice, no trademark notice, 100% sure they haven't looked at even wikipedia for the relevant laws and due diligence, let alone registered. And frankly <something>Craft is so completely overused for minecraft related projects I'm pretty sure Crazy Craft is ineligible for protections for being too generic. As for entrapment, no but there is a different problem. Specifically, i
  15. I honestly don't know who my superior is. No one here has played me in any FPS. Though if we're talking old school ones like tribes or quake2, I'm pretty sure I'm superior to all these muddafukkas. I'm a volunteer mod, not a secretary. If you wanted to contact the admins of this place you would have found the name yourself and contacted him via something other than a public forum post. So again. If you want to play the part of big boy businessman, then you have to actually be a big boy businessman. And that means doing your own research and figuring out just how weak your implied threats of
  16. If you're going to imply you plan on taking the technic staff to court if they don't obey then you really do need to "talk in that manner". For all I know your "escalation" is a threat of stalking and physical violence. So best advice I can give right now is just stop with the "escalation" talk. It's painfully obvious you have no clue about the legal complexities (or even the basics) of the situation and are just using it as a way to scare prompt compliance out of the admins.
  17. If it wasn't a concern, you wouldn't have brought it up. And while I can't be arsed to check, I assume your launcher serves banner ads and what's why you equate game runs with ad impressions? Not so with technic. Modpack specific ad impressions come from website views of the platform. And that's not even necessary. You can search and install packs directly from the launcher. Now, while I'm interesting to see what exactly you mean by "escalating" this issue, I'm feeling bored enough to just point you to the the "Report Modpack" button. Every modpack entry has it and I suggest you provide some
  18. I see two packs using the voids wrath name. Totaling less than 10k runs combine with a year since their last updates. That's not a plague, and definitely not worth thousands of dollars in ad impressions.
  19. <sarcasm>I just love working IT...</sarcasm> "How long has symantec not been working on your machine?" "Since we moved away from it a year ago." "Moved away? What do you mean?" "You know, when we went to that MyWindowsVirusSafeguard thingy. See, right there. It found another virus. It finds lots."
  20. That's only true if you focus entirely on the old "core" mods and completely ignore what else the community has produced since. IC2 was cool, but definitely not the ultimate pinacle of minecraft modding.
  21. Voice dubbed monkey actors is a lost art form:
  22. ​You don't know the rocky mountain states, do you? I guarantee you there are atleast half a dozen idiots driving their trucks towards yellowstone right now hoping to kill off an endangered species before "them idiots in washington" impose their "liberal nazi anti-american agenda" and make it illegal. They didn't even have to load their trucks either, what with it being common to leave $5000 worth of hunting rifles in their gun racks all day every day of the year.
  23. ​Yeah. First you need full access to both systems, which have to be adjacent and only air-gapped (not partitioned with anything). Then you deal with a 0.00222 baud transfer rate. I'd be impressed if they did it by varying the CPU fan speed and reversing the piezo speaker circuitry to hack a microphone out of it.
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