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  1. What, no mention of "only" 24 inches or that it was cold out?
  2. Sadly it'll be early next year before I can replace the vertibirds with skyrim dragons and the gunfire sounds with "Pew."
  3. Hah, my work email just got spam for a "Design your own Cheap Ugg Boots" place. Apparently this place is following me. In other news, I have an amd R7 370 4gig card on the way and fallout 4 preordered. Next tuesday is gonna be a good day.
  4. From what I heard twitch beat dark souls. Though apparently after the first boss they had to alter the player so it basically became turn based.
  5. 30 fucking pages in off topic alone... This is insane. Last night I cleaned 2-3 accounts every half hour, and now I come back to 30 goddamn pages of scams.
  6. I am quite annoyed that invision kept the spam messages it didn't feel like cleaning out. We've been displaying over 100 pages of india based scam threads ever since the move. Out of our sight, but I guarantee the search crawlers indexed them the whole time. Thankfulkly now all the sections should be clean. I would not be surprised if the board devs actually had a deal with the spammers to leave that behavior in their software...
  7. They are, but invision has trouble handling more than 100 posts per user when spam cleaning. Thanks for pointing them out. I'm going through fixing them. Which means unflagging then re-flagging them as spammer a couple times so the boards cleans another 100 posts at a time. Dear lord I wish we could move away from this lock-in piece of shit forum software...
  8. Some of the required classes for an education major are on how to teach, not just what to teach. Basically therapy sessions to make sure you know the choke hold is not a valid teaching tool, no matter how tempting it is. But yeah, if you get into public or even private education you will be confronted by both students and parents who see you as nothing more than an obstacle to yell at until it goes away. http://notalwayslearning.com/ is a good source of horror stories. But like I said, there is more to an education major than public school teaching. As for psychology. Yes, it's extremely f
  9. Don't discount an education major just because you don't want to sit in front of 30 bored teenagers. Colleges and universities need professors, online classes need instructors and curriculum planners, museums and historic sites need curators. Infact if you could sneak in some natural sciences classes you open a solid career path with parks&rec departments across the country. Personal experience, my job has me working with some state historic sites and the full time employees there seem to love their jobs. Not just answering tourist questions, but arranging sites, designing informative mate
  10. Existence of people who try to enforce their interpretation of the law isn't exclusive to minecraft, no. But I wasn't joking about that thought process. I got into an argument with some guys on the IC2 forums who wrote literally that. They claimed the technic admins and even users were thieves, rapists, and baby killers, which alblaka read and decided to allow. And when they couldn't scream me down themselves, they chanted sengir until he appeared to use his divine modder authority to smite me with "Stop quoting me! You're stupid!" Frankly this is exactly why I never got back into modding
  11. Meh, it's only complicated because minecraft is big and therefor attracts massive numbers of sad little trolls. I still don't know of any other mod scene where "They are competition for my favorite thing, so they are automatically rapist thief baby killers and I will make that truth known to all!" is a valid and publicly supported thought process. Frankly I'm curious as to why people still use railcraft. It needlessly complicates track construction, a big chunk of the mod could be replicated with a single block to alter track intersections, and doesn't it still have that buggy heat tracking
  12. My wife has been playing veggie tales videos for our daughters all day. Lots of "praise god" messages in the background. They just went to bed, she switched it to doctor who, and guess what episode was next in the queue? "Praise him."
  13. Doesn't COFH core do some worldgen stuff? Like consolidated ore gen and bedrock smoothing?
  14. To the spammers we've progressed past luring girlfriends in with fake counterfeit fashion accessories, and now need magic slavery spells to keep them. Next they'll probably offer spells to ensure male children or black market adoption services.
  15. Server downloads are up to the pack creator. If they provide one or not is up to them. Your best bet is to just make the server install yourself. You can harvest the mods and configs folders from the client install and use them with a forge enabled sever of the same forge version.
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellulosic_ethanol
  17. Can't tell if a lazy but legitimate question, or just a troll... Tekkit Classic still has a decent sized following, with new servers popping up every so often (2 in the last week). Tekkit lite as well. Age doesn't matter. If the pack is fun, people will play it. And frankly there are over 100,000 custom modpacks on the platform. Focusing on Tekkit and Tekkit alone is pretty narrow minded.
  18. I cleaned out a dozen spam accounts that were popping up while I was taking care of the overnight wave, which was another dozen.
  19. I caught the pregnant lady thing too. Just knocked up and I couldn't reassign her back to another room. But exiting out and starting the game back up fixed it. They did a real good job with this thing. They avoided all the nagging crap and paywalls, and still made a killing off it. $5mill in the first couple weeks of iOS only, and who knows how much the hardcore android users will dump into it to play catch up.
  20. Working just fine on my alcatel pop icon (cheap 3g phone walmart sells for straight talk). I'm going to wipe my old droid 4 and see if it can run it.
  21. 5"+ screen and/or working stylus, plus a processor capable of running it decently. Usually I avoid touch games but fallout shelter will help tide me over till november.
  22. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bethsoft.falloutshelter WOO! Fallout Shelter for android!
  23. Melfice, just leave the politically incorrect jokes to us dirty old men. Or two healthy women and 2 of those women from total recall.
  24. Still trying to get my wife's computer fixed up to the point I can get the upgrade software to run. Bad memory when I set hers up but she didn't tell me it was crashing daily till two months later. Whole subsystems are completely borked. Probably going to have to reinstall from scratch.
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