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  1. My view is this. AMD may not be the top dog when it comes to bleeding edge speed, but they blow Intel out of the water when it comes to cost per processing power. And if you can build two whole machines with top end AMD chips for the cost of one Intel chip, then the choice is pretty damn simple. Brandname markups annoy me. "We're going to charge you 3x as much Because We Can."
  2. The humble bundle is a humble game making bundle, and I kinda sorta got it. Cripes this thing is full of pixel art packs/programs. Kinda weird though. All I can think about with all this sprite art is "make a webcomic".
  3. Not here they can't. Go find where this should go.
  4. Heh, fantasy/steampunk themed model railroad. Big steam belchers running by dragon lairs and mage towers.
  5. Nice. That's one of those hobbies I wish I had the space and cash for. Till then, sim games and minecraft fill the need.
  6. I'm with planet on this. Wooden it be better to get the whole view instead of these chopped off sections?
  7. Supreme court done good this week. They smacked down the weasel attack on the affordable care act, and told the states they can't define homosexuals as second class citizens when it comes to marriage anymore.
  8. Yeah, tried my hand at modding like 4 years ago and I still have yet to find a guide that doesn't read like a children's book. What languages do you already know?
  9. Manual or automatic? Because an automatic should be able to shift quite easily into neutral from drive. It's a safety requirement, so no matter what you can cut power to the wheels. Pretty sure a manual will to, though it's worse for the transmission.
  10. Better, though you still need to post a pack link. Technically a server address is required too, but I personally ignore that for small whitelisted servers. I'm personally interested in seeing what mix of mods you have for this. Tropico is a rather unique theme for a pack/server.
  11. Wow. Usually these "I'm too lazy to search myself, find a server for me." posts are atleast in the relevant modpack discussion/server section. But you. You've gone above and beyond the typical lazy by not even bothering to scroll down on the main forum index. Bravo to you sir. Bra. Vo.
  12. Oh that is a pretty little thang. My brother has one in his new machine and he's actually annoyed at how detailed the ultra-high settings in GTA V are. Too distracting. ​Well they did just announce the R7/R9 300 series at E3. Give it some time and the price may come down a bit.
  13. Oh my memory is pure shit. Honestly. I only know about half the names of the people I've been working with daily for nearly 10 years now. My office is only 50 people. The only good memory recall I have is for movies (which is a family thing, we quote movies and demand the source from eachother daily) and music. And that's the key for me. Literally. I tend to have a song in my head at all times, so I just type the password out to the beat and memorize it that way.
  14. Memory. I used to be a webmaster for an ISP, so remembering 16+ character passwords of pure gibberish on a dozen different systems was a job requirement.
  15. El Presidente knows sanctions will come if he does not follow the rules of the international community. Why don't you follow his example?
  16. ​I don't. See that's one benefit of not trusting my password to 3rd parties. Things like this and, even worse, Gator are non-issues for me. ​Consoles I'd assume you're stuck with their command-mode-button setup. But PC I can see a mod changing it to how you want it.
  17. Just watched the fallout 4 demo event on youtube (bethesda pre-e3 live stream). DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNN...... In world construction, colony building, modular weapons and armor, jetpacks, massive mosquitos to swat... And a release date of november 10th this year. This is literally the first game I actually am considering getting the collectors edition. A real pipboy/cellphone holder...
  18. So my wife queued up a cartoon on netflix for our 2 year old. Special Agent Oso. Holyshit is this show bankrolled by the NSA or something? Secret agent stuffed bear who can't do anything without following exact steps as dictated by his electronic device. Everything must be done by a deadline. Even planting flowers has an arbitrary deadline with 10 second countdown at the end. His reward is immaterial. A digital image of a medal and a little jingle congratulating him for following orders. The agency he works for has 27/7 audio/visual surveillance of every person on earth and responds within m
  19. This makes me very sad. http://news.slashdot.org/story/15/06/11/1315221/actor-christopher-lee-has-died-at-93 Watch and grieve with me, knowing Death has come for Death..
  20. He lives. This time. Aww hells yeah! And it looks like they figured out how to remove the rust filter on the camera.
  21. You do remember there was flooding a couple year ago that wiped out like 1/3rd the platter production capacity for like a year, right? Drive prices rose to meet scarcity, capacity returned then overshot, now there's probably a glut driving prices down.
  22. ​It's working but not properly. Batch jobs like spam cleaning are still clogging things. They want to move away from invision, but while there was a migration tool to move from the previous forums to invision, there isn't one to move away from it. Invision was a trap and the rope out hasn't been written yet.
  23. ​Bold prediction there. Are you prepared to deal with all the disappointed fanboys if the next pack doesn't include forge?
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