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  1. If you're going to keep making more threads, I'm just going to merge them instead of cleaning them up.
  2. Ok, that's awesome. I can see the talk shows jumping on this to do "what they were really saying" skits. I can see Anonymous or some other troll group trying to add some extra drama to the presidential race by leaking a video of a candidate saying something really horrid. Bonus points if they can successfully obfuscate where it really came from by making it look like a trump staffer tried to make it look like a clinton volunteer who tried to make it look like a cruz staffer who sanders intern who tried to make it look like a hit piece from the gop leadership.
  3. Kocken, resident climatologist and PHD in humidynamics.
  4. Eh, I've seen some obvious spam accounts that have submarined for months before becoming active. Car roof, not sure on the exact conditions but it happens occasionally here as well. Looks like it's very cold air that has a moderate amount of moisture in it. Slower build up of frost. http://superbeefy.com/why-does-frost-make-patterns-that-look-like-leaves-ferns-and-branches-when-it-forms-on-windows-and-cars/
  5. Zootopia was a fun movie. The squirts loved it (Bell even joined in on the howl, in the theater) and there was easily enough adult humor to make it a family show instead of a kids show. Better storyline than the trailers would suggest too. Kinda odd to watch a movie that was better than the trailers. Now to await the sequels and spinoffs. I can definitely see them doing a Cops themed tv show. My only gripe is fan reaction. I know it's standard, but I would like to be able to search for cute fanart to shows the little ones without having to wade through the rule34 crap and "hea
  6. Thousands of emails. Most from a nigerian prince desperate to offshore millions of dollars before the rebels who deposed his father can seize his assets. Also some really good deals on cheap Ugg boots.
  7. Doubtful. Unless you have no thermal paste it should only be worth a few degrees. Usually something like that is the result of bad software. Drivers or the render engine.
  8. Small child with a modpack and no patience. You know, the usual.
  9. Seriously? You're still trying? If you had any actual ability to develop a reliable signature to detect cheaters with, then you would have the ability to get your test subject running yourself. Kudos on knowing enough about common sense security to not fall for the malware distributors. Though I'm guessing I should add an "again" in there. But 10 year olds are horrid liars and we don't support cheaters or pirates here.
  10. Or you could just hack the gibson to dive deeper and spike the chiron chip.
  11. I'm curious as to which method you were planning to employ in your anti cheat. Logic comparison against the IDE matrix or kernel sanity check through the 5 1 220 ISA path?
  12. I hate it. Horrid server.
  13. I have two new favorite spams now. "Human Click!", because nothing says skynet like a piece of software commanding people to perform actions. "Best lottery expert", who is apparently so rich he has nothing better to do than charge people to give them winning lotto numbers. Someday I'd like to see their relevance matrix for technic. What kind of audience crossover do they think exists that would make the forums a good candidate for SEO abuse.
  14. Still better than the ideas from my dorm neighbor in college. Back when LCDs were a pipe dream for general use and CRTs were the norm, he came up with the idea of overriding the display driver and causing the monitor to surreptitiously double or triple exposing bits of the display with extra power. Forcing a permanent ghost image and possibly even burning through the phosphorus and branding the pirate. It's a good thing displays don't rely on blasting particle beams towards their viewers anymore...
  15. Gonna call bullshite. The energy sword wins on design because it has a 1 inch gap at the end of a yard long sword? And curved spikes pointing at the wielder's wrist? The blade grab design is useless. You need blades splaying out to catch the opponent's blade, not a tiny gap at the point of the sword. And the wrist guard limits the wielder's range of motion. No point in protecting your wrist when a 2 degree yaw in hand position puts your own blade into your arm. The energy sword may be pretty, but the lightsaber would chew it up in a real battle.
  16. ... Ok, so perusing youtube brought up direwolf20's pax south video. And I like placing actual faces with voices so I watched it. Holy crap will someone please send soaryn a sandwich? He's so thin I'm half expecting a 12 year old japanese girl to pick him up and yell "Henshin!" Slowpoke is exactly what I pictured him to look like, but to be fair I did cheat. He has been on TV before: Everyone else was pretty normal looking. Quite disappointing. None of them obey hollywood's law of interesting characters.
  17. Yeah, I could tell. The spammers started posting again... In other news, recently found a series someone snuck on youtube called Begin Japanology. Yay for interesting stuff to watch in the background. Boo for all the interesting stuff being an ocean away.
  18. poopsicles, your post makes no sense in the current context. Please explain.
  19. He looks like a greasy haired pimply faced emo teenager with daddy issues. The tortured by a pull to the light side angle is kinda interesting but just screams eventual redemption death. Probably a shaky redemption halfway through EP 9 and a sacrifice play to beat the real badguy. Not quite the full Vader, just a confused kid who was deep down a good guy all along. As for his likely cousin, I'm guessing daddy luke tries to be yoda and keeps it from her until he has to sacrifice himself in EP8 or early EP9. Part of me wants to see michael bay direct 9 just so we can see the first order modi
  20. Potluck is for modpacks, not servers. Clean your server news out and keep it in the server section where it belongs.
  21. 1: Lightsabers aren't magic swords powered by the force. They're massless but partially tangible blades of energy with wonky interaction physics, created by a particle stream through an array of special crystals. The reason you rarely see anyone but a force user wielding one is you pretty much need the force precog ability or a lot of luck to make it past the beginner stages without lopping a couple of your own limbs off. Han used luke's in ESB, and grevious won out against trained jedi in the clone wars cartoon and RotS. Blade color is determined by the crystals used, not magical alignment
  22. As soon as I tried it. Yes the learning curve is an overhang cliff with a band of goblin archers firing at you from the top, but tools like dwarf therapist help tremendously. Plus I like both really complex games and town/city sims.
  23. I'm a bad man... Playing dwarf fortress, got myself a fortress with a vampire I know about. He's hurt from his epic battle fighting a wereelk and I've got him in the hospital to act as a training dummy for my unskilled doctors. Because he's been on military station for the past 2 years he's a might bit thirsty. So he keeps trying to make his way to the dormitory where the poor unsuspecting fortressmates are leaving their necks unguarded. But since he's hurt my doctors keep catching him half way there and dragging him back to the hospital area. And I can't stop laughing at the poor bloodsucke
  24. No. No, no, no and no. RCfantasy, you need to find a server yourself. We do not allow people to be lazy and demand/beg others find them a server. The server owners have gone to the effort of creating their server advertisements, so it's not fair for you to tell them "TL;DR. Compete for my attention, I'm a special snowflake." jumpandshootbeef, this definitely does not belong in the server section. That is just for server advertisements, not general chat or lazy begging like this. Petey, do not indulge the lazy.
  25. There is no setting to alter the 256 block height limit. It is hard coded into the game.
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