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Server is running but can't sign in


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Having an issue since I reset my computer where my bteam client cannot ping my server or connect to it. The console shows "SEVERE Reached end of stream for [iP] " when I attempt to connect even though my client can't see the server and then the connection fails about 10 seconds later. Noticed that there was a crash when trying to connect and found it was related to the DNA Breeder so I disabled the ID for it and restarted the server. The the best of my knowledge the only breeder in the world I have chunk loaded with a poppet shelf so it should be gone now regardless of whether I can connect or not.


Only thing I can really think of is it's the host I'm with since a quick search doesn't find this issue. I'm with envioushost currently. Also, I'm using the latest java 7 since the 1 java 8 update issue is still fresh in my mind. Does anyone know if there are issues if the server is running java 8? Also, what is the latest java 8 build that doesn't have issues with the Technic launcher? Is anyone else seeing similar issues on other hosts?

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