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Ok a need a little help and its been a while

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So its been a while since I've played aotbt and I needed to reinstall a mod. When I tried to reinstall an old extra mod i was using (machinemuse's powersuits) the game kept crashing. and saying "shutting down internal server", right before saying "out of memory" I was wondering if there is a mod conflicting with the powersuits mod, and if so what was the old version I was using back in July of 2014?

Thanks, Eckrilans (PS: Yes I believe the mod is installed correctly, recipes in the config machinemuse file and the other three needed jars in the mod folder.)

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That was with 3G allocated in the Launcher.

do u know???





wait i just went a few comments up and noticed you said it worked for you what the heck Ive even deleted the pack then reinstalled and it still didn't work. hmmmmm it must be something else if you have any suggestions let me know.

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When I say 3G I mean that I allocated 3G of RAM in the Technic launcher. I simply installed the pack, added the three JAR files, restarted the pack and everything worked. (with that specific version of BTeam)

ok thats why lol u added 3 gigs of ram i only and one. Thanks i think it will work now

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