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Cannot get tekkit lite server up.


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I have been trying to get a server up for my friend i get the error

"Unable to access Jarfile TekkitLite.jar"  

when I launch the launch.bat file.


puu.sh/eAbOH/4a9d2b03f1.png <<<<<Error 

'> <<<<<<Folder

puu.sh/eAbWd/2c2c1d2aea.png <<<<.bat


i have:       java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar TekkitLite.jar nogui

As my .bat file
Please help me, I really want to play this mod.
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Google for "windows explorer always show file extensions". I suspect that your TekkitLite.jar file is actually named "TekkitLite.jar.jar".

Your suspicion is correct.  Otherwise it wouldn't show an extension, with the way it's set up.  But he doesn't have to Google for anything, just edit the file name and remove the .jar from the end.

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