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[1.7.10] Simplify Official - A Hint of Vanilla! [40 Slots] [Public] [Vanilla Enhancement]

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Simplify is a new kind of modpack for Minecraft that intends to subtly enhance the vanilla experience and blend in with the game, not override it. This means every mod in the pack will add content/tweaks that are interesting but won't break the balance of the base game. Whether you're surviving the night, brewing beer, or exploring new biomes and dungeons, you'll always feel at home in Simplify. For more info on the modpack itself look >here.


The official server for Simplify features Towny and Grief Prevention for both co-operative and solo play. PVP is enabled but the general attitude of the server is not to be ultra competitive. Enjoy the vanilla like experience while tinkering around with cool content and a bit of roleplay, just enjoy the Simplify modpack the way it was meant to be with friends new and old!


Why Simplify Official and not some other server? Simplify Official is built to integrate with the modpack as well as possible, we have some of the best server hardware in the industry, and dedicated and loyal staff members that are committed to providing the best possible experience to players. Put simply (see what I did there?), Simplify Official is run by people who care and is the server for you if you want to enjoy the unique Simplify experience to the fullest extent.





To play on the server you need to have Simplify installed, follow the process below:


1) Download and install the Technic Launcher if you haven't already here


2) Login to the launcher with your Mojang account/Minecraft account


3) Click here to go to the modpack page in a new tab


4) Click the button above again once you get to the page where the button takes you with the launcher still open

(You must be logged in on your Technic account on the website, register here if you don't have one)


5) Wait for the launcher to close and then reappear with the modpack in your modpacks tab and click "Install" to do just that


6) Wait patiently for the launcher to download all the files and for the modpack to load


7) Once you are loaded click "Join Simplify Official" button in the main menu


8) Register for free to get full access to the server at http://bit.ly/registersimplify





Plugins for Bukkit are essential for any server, Simplify uses the following plugins to provide a secure and enjoyable experience for all players:


BuyCraft: Donations are handled through this, and all are optional, EULA compliant, and cosmetic only (no pay to win here!)

CraftConomy: Used as the server's economy system of choice

Essentials: This is a plugin used by virtually all servers and is extremely useful

Grief Prevention: Allows you to protect your base from griefing if you don't wish to use Towny

Holographic Plugins: Makes easily readable information and rules via holograms possible

NTheEndAgain: Resets the Ender Dragon 1 day after it has last been killed for other players to conquer

PwnFilter: An advanced chat plugin that filters out swear words and spam

Random Teleport: Randomly teleport into the wilderness for a fresh start into Simplify

Simple Announcer: Informative server messages will be broadcasted periodically

Touchscreen Holograms: Players can interact with the holograms to easily perform commands

Towny: Provides a nice foundation for a light role playing grief protected server

WorldBorder: The world is limited to 30k blocks radius around spawn in order to not have the server explode

xpShop: The foundation for the server economy, sell your XP for money to manage towns/nations and trade





We don't have many rules, so we ask that you follow the few that we do:


1) Don't swear or abuse other players, no one likes a meanie


2) Griefing of any kind and abusing any exploits aren't permitted


3) Offensive discussion is forbidden, no racism or overly controversial issues


4) Advertising or spamming in chat is not allowed at all


5) Asking for op/mod/admin is a good way to get an instaban


6) Client hacks of any sort are frowned upon, any evidence of use will result in bans


7) And lastly, use common sense





By using some of the best hardware around, Simplify Official is able to provide a stable and lag free experience for all to enjoy.


Intel Xeon E5 1620v2 - 3.9 GHz 8 Core CPU


64 GB DDR3 Memory


1 Gigabit Uplink Connection


3 x 160 GB SSD Storage

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I cannot plant GrowthCraft hops, or Grapes. The Growthcraft Rope isn't working. I don't think it's your servers fault, as it doesn't work on my single player world either. Or on any other server for that matter.

It's an issue with Gary's surface fences, I'll see what I can do.
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It's an issue with Gary's surface fences, I'll see what I can do.

I found out a solution.  If you use default minecraft fence, it works no problem.  I've just started to raid the fencing off of neighboring structures.  Finally, my hops and grapes are growing!

I have a different issue now, it seems the "Smasher Module" isn't very good at smashing.  It is infact not smashing anything at all!

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