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I am staff on a server called Cyclicraft and these are some reasons why you should come and play on Cyclicraft; Cyclicraft IP is cyclicraft.mymc.io


1st- There is No lag


2nd- There Is not many mods banned due to our great developers  :D 


3rd- We have great staff  :D


4th- We have PVE and a PVP worlds for those people that like Battling the Enviroment or those people that like Battling other people  :D


5th- Why not? 


6th- We have great plugins too


So why not come and play on Cyclicraft, one of the fastest growing tekkit servers around  :D





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you should learn to read the section titles. You are not the first one to advertise a Tekkit server.


wanna take a guess where everyone else posts their servers?


hint: on the Server section!

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