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Help with resource pack?


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I really want to use the Sphax resource pack in my Attack of the B-Team modpack. However, I'm using the Technic launcher to play and I can't seem to figure out how to install the resource pack. I've opened the folder and placed it in correctly. It's just not showing up on the list. Any suggestions as to how I get this to work? Am I doing this completely wrong?

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The Attack of the B-team resource pack isn't complete yet.

As the license of Sphax (?) doesn't allow for the distribution of the base pack, you will need to manually combine both the base pack and the B-team pack.


After that, it should show up just fine.

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Just an addition. The aotbt add on is hopelessly outdated. If you want a more complete version, you will have to scrub the forums and get them one by one. A lot of the mods got some substantial updates lately (especially chisel).

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