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Stranded Tiger Modpack


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Here the Gumygum and I have created a new modpack called Stranded Tiger Modpack. It is a modded lonely island survival. It is intended to play on your favorite lonely island seed. Most seeds should work as long as that are compatible with 1.7.10. I'm focusing on the oceans and magic in this pack. Also this pack include mods like oceancraft, fantastic fish, blood magic, draconic evolution, and thermal expansion are just a few big ones. the full list is under the overview tap. be aware that this pack is in Alpha and may have crashes and bug, but thats why I need you to help me find those issues. My goal is to make all my modpacks are stable as possible so everyone can play comfortably. 

here is a link to the pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/stranded-tiger-modpack.612060 and i hope you enjoy and survive with me on my journey, 

If you have any suggestion on mods I should add or anything else please leave a comment for the pack or tweet me on twitter @gumygum62 

Thanks Much and don't get too lonely! :P


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