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<1.0.12a> Survival-craft [PvE] [5 slots] [whitelist] [hats removed]

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After being online for over 3 months now we find ourselves with 4 active players.

we would love to add 2 or 3 more players to our numbers,

The only demands we have for our players are:
- We are looking for european players, or players that reside close to a GMT +1 timezone
- You are a mature player in both age and manners, concrete this means you are older then 18
- you play regurly, we dont have a demand for hours but we would love to see you around often

the ip is:

feel free to ask questions!
below you can put your application. put in ingame name, your age, your country of residence and the reason why we should add you to the server
List what you are planning to do aswell

looking forward to seeing your applications!




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My Ign: Krumplez.

Age: 14

My Residence: England.

What I plan to do: I plan to build a house and just be a friendly guy in the community. :) 

Why you should chose me: as I have little experience in mods and hope to grow and I feel I could do this in your server.

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My ign : Silly_Boo

Age : 40 

My Residence: uk

Looking to build a nice village / town  and try not to use to much of the machines but I do like a tree farm  mob grinder and stone generator have played this mod a lot and know a bit about it i know what bits can give a lot of lag so will not use them a lot  can help with the odd bit of server problems as well 



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Age: 16

IGN: TheCantStopMe

Live: I live in the United States

Planning to do: I am planning on starting a cafe or bakery and I want to trade food for certain tools.

Why you should be accepted: I think I should be accepted because I could bring a very different aspect into the server. I would play more calm and not disastrous and would just want to build up a massive farm to help out others.

Skype (If needed): live:jzq0915_2

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IGN: TheCantStopMe

Age: 16

Residency: United States

Planning to do: I am planning to start up a bakery and restaurant.

Why should I get accepted: I should get accepted because I would bring a lot of foods to the server and a different style of play!

Skype: live:jzq0915_2


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