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Feed the beast! No matches ongoing right now

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So you are good at Tekkit, you are awesome with all the mods? You are a player that have no problems with getting what you need. Its like you are the king right? Well, then we dare you, and your friends to play this map. If you think you know Tekkit, think again! Face challenges you never have faced before, get stuck where you never expected it was possible to get stuck. This map uses the entire range from vanilla, to the high tier Equivalent Exchange items, and almost unknown usages of it! Be aware, this isnt easy, this is a real test of skills!


IP mc.tekkitcraft.com:25765




1: If you cant do it, well you cant




merlin2105 (+friends) - 0




Forgotten Vault vs FalconCraft vs Hellocreeper vs merlin2105 (+friends) - Winner Forgotten Vault


Saturday 1PM EST

Wednesday 1PM EST



For each team defeated

the winning team get 1 point!

So this is how it works:

Each team has theyre own designated area, protected with worldguard. They cant leave that area and others cant enter it. Its not impossible to finish or progress unless someone totally does something real stupid, in that case, they loose ..

Spectators are limited to an area between the beasts, so they can watch it, but they cant be looking at what the other team does exactly. Neighter can they read the chat that belongs to the other teams. A teamchat is for that team only, so others cant communicate with them!

Play smart to win, this map needs more than just average Tekkitskills, that wont be enough to feed the beast. Have all possible wikis open, they are defo needed!

After an event, map is resetted (not auto) and new teams can play. All based on what exp we gain about playtime, difficulty etc we will make adjustements to the map, so that we wont risk it going on for weeks and weeks. Atm estimated playtime with a 6 player team is 2 days (average players)

So ... what other server feels theyre up to the challenge, not only against us, but other servers, all from 2 to 4 teams are supported on this map! Sign up in this thread with the servername, servername/link, preffed playdate. Its IMPORTANT to supply 100% correct ingame names of the players!

Edit: I would like to challenge the Technicpack crew on this one, if they feel theyre up for the task that is? .... ;)


V1.0 -

Original map

V1.1 -

Updated to improved spectatorarea

Changed requirements for the beast

Added protections to the beasts in regards of blast

Buffed the blasted of nuclear meltdowns

Removed several blastitems, that was used primarily to greif with, that had 0 usage beside that ingame

Added forgotten support for different worlds in chat

V1.2 -

Updated the sectors for the starting teams, now controlled with one lever to start the game

Removed some items from EE, same reason as in 1.1 (really guys ... cmon ...)

Changed requirements for feeding the beast

Changed ingame rules. Dragon egg now got to be placed at chest at /spawn

Added plugins that really dont affect the gameplay, but to enshure safety of players, and howto determin winner

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We might not have it reaady till saturday, aka 30ish hours from now.

The balance of the mods, and getting the beast happy, was more of a challenge than we expected. In regards of what ppl know as TFB we made a few changes. Its hard, and when ppl thing its over ... well its not.

We expect all from 3 to 10h gameplay, depending on how well ppl knows the mods that are in Tekkit. Some basic items, like Mininglaser, iTNT etc will be removed, its really not needed to use.

Spectators WILL be allowed in at all time, ofc in a confined area. We will also make shure that contestant CANT run onto the other side, to mess stuff up. Most FTB have rules, ours wont hardly have any, we instead belive in using plugins to prevent cheats from happening, what u see, is what you get kind of mentality.

It also, as last sidenote, seems like our FTB might be damn hard, if not creative, ppl WILL be stuck and cant get anywhere.

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We are still working on it, we also got plugins to add, so its a "norule" FTB. Who needs rules? Isnt it just better to use plugins to stop dorky stuff right off the start? ;)

When we are getting closer, we will just open it up, for ppl to look at it atleast (only inside a preset area, so spoilers wont be to big ;)

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Yet another small update. We are in progress of the last touches on the 4 beasts, and adding some pluginparts to being able to remove more of the rules. As said, no rules = best. If you cant make it, you just cant!

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Doing some tests with it right now, just to confirm that all parts of the beast really works. The 100 mill EU part we just had to wait abit for, but it all looks pretty good so far :)

Hopefully we can allow visitors on pretty soon, so they can have a sneak peak of it!

(picture will follow in just a few mins)

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