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Feed the beast! No matches ongoing right now

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No all dont need to be there at the startup, heck, all dont have to play eighter. Its just a maxlimit nothing else. I can see if i cant add some plugins, to allow x out ot z members online at the same time instead, to allow for larger teams? But that might not be fair aswell.

Anyways, this is not only about competing against other teams, most teams will find struggles within aswell, and especially in regards of the difficulty of the task they gotta do :)

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Alright, I'll go ask if everyone is okay with Saturday then, since I don't really want to let any one of our players down... It will be an 8 player team then, I hope.

Our current list for upcoming Saturday is:









Beware, this list might still change!

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Nope, they are not required.

I believe we are discluding adeok because of the fact that he was caught cheating today, so we are one player down. I got backups though, so we should be fine.

Other than that, everythings the same an i'll tell you the name of the new person 2morrow.

tsk tsk tsk. Dont ya just hate cheaters?

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Need to wait till 1:00 PM EDT today to talk to someone about them joining the team. Hopefully it goes well, but if it doesn't, i got a message for Sp0nge: Even though we may be outnumbered, we will STILL play! Yes, you heard me, we will still play =3

Don't even bother with trying to get my team equal to theirs. I have confidence in my team, and that's all i need =)

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Thats the spirit i like! Its really not about how many players there are, its about knowledge of Tekkit, and teamwork! Without that, a team could be 20, and still loose to a team of 5. Updating the first post now, adding servernames so its official :)

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Oh well, guess im screwed. =3

Especially since on my server we didn't even bother with making a spawn because we believe in getting straight into the game =P

Even without it, we have about 8-12 members coming on daily. So, i guess i'll have to find somewhere else to post it. xP

Are you able to maybe take a link to our enjin forums instead?

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