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Exception ticking world entities error



So minecraft seems to crash when it initiates the mod for attk of the be team. (tekkic main works fine)

I pulled up the crash report and saw that it has something to do with "ticking world entities".

This is my best bet for what happened. I took luggage into the Nether. This seem to have worked fine but after flying around for a bit they sorta disappeared. I thought hey might have got stuck somewhere so I landed and waited for them to teleport to me like they do in the over world. They never came back. :'(

Thinking I could just replace them later or maybe they would spawn when I went to the over world; I went home. They still didn't return. The game played normally and i believe i closed it and came back to it latter but when I eventually went to the nether it crashed (teknic launcher included).

Now it refuses to open minecraft w/ attack of the b team.


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FIX report:

So after waiting for almost a week, and no response, I decided to try to fiddle w/ it my self after reading this.(do not post bugs here as it says in the first post)

Although this doesn't seem to be my error specifically it seems to be close to one or two of them.

1) So I started by backing up everything including mods from other packs. (knowing before hand that the error was exclusive to b team i didn't want to break more things.)

2) Next i uninstalled b team and reinstalled it.

3) opened mojang... (successful)

4) made test world and opened it. (everything checks out fine)

5) copied saved world from the buggy back up i made in step 1 and placed into new b team save folder.

6) repeated steps 2-4 successfully.

7) loaded transplanted world file and voilĂ , it was fixed!

I intended to do more if this still didn't work, but there was no need.

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