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[1.7.10]TopGunners[PvP][80 Slots][Flyboys Public Server Pack]

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TopGunners Modded PvP Flyboys Server

"A server pack geared towards battle, teamwork, destruction and weaponry..."


This pack is an un-official Flyboys modpack that includes all of the mods in Flyboys. 

There are also a few added mods and some updates to mods to add to the enjoyment of the server.

Server is 24/7 besides very sparse downtimes for maintenance.



Website Link: http://topgunnersfb.enjin.com/home

Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/flyboys-season-3-private.612019


Server Background:

    The TopGunners server started out as a whitelisted Flyboys server with a few friends. After weeks of having fun and working with each member we started season 2 with a much more updated modpack and added members. We discovered server activity was a big issue with a whitelisted server of this type, all it took was one person to be less active on a certain team to sway the outcome of the battle. We came to the conclusion we should start a public server that would focus on the same things as the original Flyboys series only with enhanced multiplayer mechanics. We worked for 20-30 hours working on building spawn for this server and about the same amount of time configuring plugins, mods and setting up ranks. Apart from a few bugs the server is finished and ready for public play!

Server Overview:

This server is based mostly off of the original Flyboys series hosted by BdoubleO100. It features many of the same mechanics, mods and gameplay that is found on the Flyboys server. The main changes made to this server are the following:

-Enhanced multiplayer configuration - Plugins, ranks, voting and more to make it possible to support many people

-Ranks based upon playtime - Rank up to gain access to different levels of your base, better kits and other benefits!

-Server Store Integration - Gain points by Voting, Winning battles, getting kills and donating! Points can be used for Donation Medals(like donation ranks) or items!

-Large team based play style - Work with your team to build the best base in your 13 x 13 chunk area. Kits and other rewards are focused around team corporation.

-Multiplayer PvP mechanics - Travel in the wild to gain resources and risk encountering another player from the opposite team or stay in your base and be safe! The choice is yours! KeepInventory is not on so PvP can be very advantageous?

The final battle will be 30 days from the start of the server, it will consist of two ways to earn points to win. You may either eliminate the opposing teams objective positions (Large amount of points) or you will earn a small amount of points for each kill. Capturing a point will give you 100 points and a kill will give you 1, the end battle will consist of 7 capture points (may change) for each team. After a certain amount of time the team with the most points will win! Potential rewards may be given for victory in battle. Once the battle is over the server will be reset and possibly update starting off with a completely fresh, brand new season.


   We are looking for players that enjoy social interaction within Minecraft, Skype is very beneficial. We do not have an official teamspeak server as of yet. 

General Rules

  1. No hacking/cheating/exploiting glitches

  2. Report all glitches to Admins or Owner

  3. Do not ask to be a staff member

  4. No spamming, excessive caps or excessive cussing

  5. Respect all players - No racism, sexism, no comments about disabilities or religion

  6. Do not build structures out of materials that are completely blast resistant

Within Team Rules

  1. Do not go off by yourself - Stay with your team.

  2. Do not grief your base or the other team’s base (Bypassing protections included)

  3. Do not waste your team’s resources on useless things. (I recommend only putting extra items in community chests)


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