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[1.7.10]Project Sunrise Unlimited[TechnoMagical][GT5 Fusion Reactor][24/7][No Whitelist]

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Hey there, we are a community of people having fun playing our custom made modpack called "Project Sunrise Unlimited" or how we call it short "Unlimited". The modpack is constantly updated to the newest available mod versions and we try to fix all bugs possible.

Our Modpack has been on the Technic Platform for quiet some time. Before it was known as "Project Sunrise Ultimate" but since time has passed Unlimited is the successor to that pack. This pack is based on Minecraft 1.7.10 (running Forge- and centered around Technic with a pinch of magic.

Some info about the mods? Here you go, some of the most important ones:

  • GregTech 5 (with Fusion!)
  • AppliedEnergistics (RV2-9)
  • BuildCraft 7
  • ProjectRed
  • RotaryCraft
  • ElectricAge
  • ThermalExpansion
  • EnderIO
  • ThaumCraft 4
  • Twilight Forest

and many more...

We are looking for new users for our server. Everybody who likes modded Minecraft and TechnoMagical modpacks is welcome!

The pack itself can be found here: http://goo.gl/rKNtb6

Images and fancy stuff can be found here http://unitedworldminers.com/unlimited/about-unlimited/

There are currently two official server running our modpack, both come preinstalled (as favorites) with the modpack. So check out the multiplayer tab.

Basic server rules as anywhere else: Don't grief... .... you know that all but basically: "Don't treat others like you don't also want to be treated" Got it? Okay then let's go!

Want to play our pack? Only three  simple steps to play:

  1. Install it from the Technic Launcher (http://goo.gl/rKNtb6)
  2. Start the pack and grab some coffee
  3. Join Unlimited 1 or Unlimited 2 from the multiplayer tab.

That's it, have fun!

Ssssh we now rock our own mod, simple but useful. Maybe this helps other server owners! Take a look here  

If you encounter any problem let us know via a support ticket.

We also have an official website and a Teamspeak 3 server so check them out:

Website and Teamspeak IP: http://unitedworldminers.com

Server specs:

Intel Core i7-3939 (6 core - 12 threads @ 3.8 GHz)

8x RAM 8192MB DDR (64 GB in total)

200 mbit/s Bandwith

Hosted in Germany

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