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Certain Items When Placed Close Server![17.1.0]Custom Modpack!

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Hey there Technic Forums! My custom modpack, Doge is the real Illuminati, MC Version 1.7.10 has the mods:

-Flans Mod

-Ars Magica 2




-ICBM Updated by SpikeViper

-Voltz Engine







-Gilded Games Util

-Not Enough Items

-Code Chicken Core

-Extra Utilities


-Rival Rebels


-Archimedes Ships


-CoFH Core

-Animation API


-Code Chicken Lib

To better explain my problem, for example, when I place a QCraft Computer, and right click it, the server says stops and says Closed Server. This happens with more than just QCraft, for example when I spawn in a Mecha on Flans mod, or when I placed Tentacles in Thaumcraft or Ars Magica 2. I do not see an error in the console when this happens, all I see is a Server Received Stop Command. Any explanations? Thank you!

I run Cauldron on my server!



-Essentials Anti-Build

-Essentials Chat

-Essentials Protect

-Essentials Spawn



-Multiverse Portals

-World Edit

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