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Request to get a Mod Added to Tekkit, Macro/Keybind

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A friend recently showed me Tekkit and the Technic Launcher WOW ^_^

I noticed sooo many new Item options ^_^

one Mod I find to be an essential Mod is one called

[1.2.5] Macro / Keybind mod v0.8.7

another would be the Improved Chat Mod.. sadly very soo not updated ;_;

PS: I noticed that the Tekkit's copy of Rei's Minimap is currently outdated,

thought I'd mentioned it. :)

Tekkit version = {[1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.2_03.zip}

Current version = {[1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.2_04.zip}

[1.2.5][Jun.23] Rei's Minimap v3.2_04


this part is kind of a bug report maybe not sure...

I have noticed for the two above Mods

Rei's Minimap and Macro/Keybind

the folders for there settings are located in the mod folder and seem to be getting destroyed and reset some times during a Tekkit Update... :( this sucks as I use both extensively.... and have to copy the files over from my main Minecraft folder each time it happens

since its something of a bug report,

OS : Windows XP Pro 32bit (SP3)(always up to date)

JTE : Java version 7 update 5 (32bit)

Ram: 4 GB of GSKILL 800Mhz (3GB usable)

Using Tekkit Dev setting to get the latest stuff, but though since v3.1.1 appears to be out I could set it back to the Recommended release channel.


I was not 100% sure where to place this post as there does not seem to be a mod request sub-forum

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sry bout that...

yeah they are client side mods but Rei's Minimap *is* included with Tekkit and Technic Mod Packs ie they are auto updated (as so far as being pushed to client side)...

or is it just included in general via the Technic Launcher?

Tekkit  version = {[1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.2_03.zip}

Technic version = {[1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.0_something.zip}


Current version = {[1.2.5]ReiMinimap_v3.2_04.zip}

I don't have this resetting problem via Minecraft's own launcher(see below)... maybe it was do to switching between the Dev and Recommended release channels... because I been on the Dev Update channel since after I fiddled with it and created a new map then tried moving to the " Recommended release channel" only to find plenty of things went missing so I moved back to Dev Channel... but since Tekkit v3.1.1 was just released the other day, so it might be ok to move back to the stable channel... oh I just noticed it hasn't been pushed to recommended yet....

its not really ok for the launcher to be deleting stuff like setting of Rei's Mini Map and Macro/Keybind..

though this could be do to the launcher cleaning the Mod folder and recopying mod's zip file back over during any updates... or it was do to me changing the release channel..

anyhow to kinda deal with this I use a set of Windows NT Command Script {.cmd} to automate the backup and restoring process

plus I use a utility by a group called System Internals

Windows Sysinternals > Downloads > File and Disk Utilities > Junction

I have the ".Minecraft" ".techniclauncher" folders mapped to a separate HDD I use for games/Content

as to not clutter the Doc's and Settings... which works fine as I am the only one on this PC. I added the Mod_settings for those two mods to my cmd backup/restore files.

with the following Mods

- HD-Fix

- Mod Loader

- Improved Chat Mod

- Single Player Commands (some times)

and loaded via Mod loader are:

-- Rei's Minimap

-- Macro/Keybind mod

ps: do you know who I could/should contact to let them know Rei's Minimap has an update and if they could include Macros/Keybind in future updates if possible and *if* the mod author doesn't mind as well?

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Tovarisch Torezu, I recommend we honor our guest with the most respectable rank of Helen Keller for demonstrating such interest and providing such a valuable contribution to our community.

sry but was that some kind of sarcasm?

meaning what I had to offer wasn't really wanted o_O ;_;?

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ahh... well to be honest I wasn't sure which sub-forum would have been the best location to post it

so I placed it one that was about Tekkit.. feel free to have it moved to the appropriate sub-forum. ^_^

lol about the bumping.. the post seemed to have gotten lost on the 2nd page rather quickly so I wanted to make sure it was seen so

that which I am trying to bring in help to Tekkit was seen ;;^_^;;

btw... ahh Who is "Helen Heller"? (jumps on Google.. oHhh lol)

Helen Adams Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer.

She was the first deaf/blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Wikipedia

Born: June 27, 1880, Tuscumbia

Died: June 1, 1968, Easton

Education: Radcliffe College (1900–1904)

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I guess I should take that as a compliment loi o-O ^_^

political activist, and lecturer.

I talk about and try to Enlighten those I know and meet (Conspiracy, Health, NewAge, NewAge Tech, etc)

Mt username taken from a Legendary RPG(or biblical account by some peoples measure),

Chrono Trigger, Melchior was the Sage of Life, during the time of an Ancient Magical Kingdom. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

lol ^_^ and I finish reading you new comment afterwards loi ^_^

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I always get amused by flamed discussions! I'm new tho this forum (and Mc forums in particular) but I'm a Mod on quite popular website. I can assure that Mods and Admins tend to read past the 1st page regardless, plus they emails get spammed with notifications of new posts or members join the forums. Just give them time to get through all.

Personal thought tho - I wish forums would let you hide the off topics comments (hide them by default) in thread and display only related to the actual thread (unless you click show all). But from my experience even tho it would make information seeking much easier, but it would raise multiple complains on why particular comment was set to not topic related (even tho it had 2-3 words related to it )

(and yes I know this post contradict the last part as its not related to Reis Map :)

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I'm not a Helen. I'm probated. Know the difference. XD

6 of one, half a dozen of the other...you still have the avatar to match.

Frontseat me... ;)

Not a chance, in the near future. Besides, I'm not the one to make that call.

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back on topic?

who... is a good person (developer?) to talk to here, PM, email..... I'm looking for contact info I guess? idk...

so when i see updates for Mods like Rei's MiniMap and and suggestions like adding the mod Macro/Keybind

I can let some one know (helping out the Tekkit team in some way....

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So there are reasons why some mods are older, some mods aren't in, and some mods are, well, in.

It boils down to the basics. If a mod updates, the technic crew tries to incorporate it. Pretty simple. The problem lies within the individual mods themselves and how well they play nice with other mods. So say, if REI's minimap mod worked well with the other children in the Flintstone version, but the Jetsons version of the mod doesn't. The jetson version doesn't make it in and they'll test to see if previous versions do work. If they do, fantastic and that's probably why you're seeing an older version of REI's. If it didn't, it the whole map mod went tits up, then it'd be removed until it could be made to work again.

So hopefully that explains it a bit.

I also am pretty exhausted from a night of drinking, so if it didn't make sense, then I didn't drink enough.

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lol yeah I get it...

about Macro/Keybind can it be added to a list for testing then as I have found it to be absolutely indispensable

being on Multiplayer Servers or with Single Player Commands.... and there is that other one

so I what I am asking *is* are both

- Macro/KeyBind

- Single Player Commands

not functional with Tekkit or Technic? that is if any one knows...

I tried Macro/Keybind out by manually adding it to the \.techniclauncher\tekkit\mods

seems to work just fine with Tekkit, though I have not tried Single Player Commands... yet with either Tekkit or Technic.

I'm finding I love Technic for ssp use... but its lagging pretty bad when it reaches or 1.2GB of ram use (funny I have it only set to 1GB allocated in the Launcher.... as 1.5GB is only allocating some 300MB of ram O_o not sure why... memory leak issues?)

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