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Moogle's Music Thread

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WARNING - Shameless self promotion!

So this is what I actually do with my spare time.

I make random music for people who need random music doing!

I decided to move some things to a public portfolio, in order to share it with you guys.

- NEW!

I won't be sharing any older stuff, but there'll be loads more to come


(If there's anyone you know who wants music doing...

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Nothing's wrong with attention. Most of your actions will get some.

But most attention seeking is generally frowned upon, and can get rather unpleasant attention.

Whether you become well known for good works is sort of a matter of luck, and where you put your things.

All of that just from a VST plugin that comes with the software? I'm impressed!

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And I moved it from AASS, because as stated, no one really browses through there any more...

I do, I regularly visit Twisted Voodoo's thread for any more chapters :D

I kind of, a small part of me, a microbyte of my unforgiving trolling soul that-knows-no-bounds, admit that i liked the calling.

Now i need to go troll someone before i magically turn into a pony, that's a fate worse than kellerism!

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I like your newest release Moogle. I guess I should download them so I can listen to them on my iPod. I think I'll do that later. Anyway, great music Moogle, keep doing what you do.

Edit: Down To Earth reminds me of Super Meat Boy. Sounds a lot like some of the tracks in there.

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