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Could anybody Create a Modpack for me?

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@daytimepanther It launches without crashing, but when I try to create a world it takes a really long time and when it finally loads there are no shaders :,(

@TerdyTheTerd I appreciate the help! I would've never known how many of the mods are incompatible. As you can tell - I'm very poor at understanding everything about mods and such. But when I tried to create a world it crashed. :/ How does one do config editing?

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@mytoecold The world crashed for you? It did for me the first time but after restarting it worked several times in a row. As for editing configs you'll want to go donwload notepad++, its about the best program to use and its free. You'll then navigate to your modpack directory(C:\Users\emily\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\(modpack name))and in the config folder you will see lots of files named after their mods, say for example we wanted to make the backpacks mod hold more items in them, we would open the backpack.cfg and we would see a file like this, configs usually will contain sections for things, such as item ids, enchantment ids, configurations for various aspects of the mods and disabling things like mods or ores from spawning. In this config you'll see at the begging that we can change the amount of items that a large back will hold in this line "I:backpackSlotsL=54" by changing the "54" to say "76" that large backpack will now hold that many items instead. It's always a good idea to go through all of the config files and read all the settings and change them to your liking as you go along. If the world still crashes it is from thecamping mod and I would suggest removing it unless its a must have

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@TerdyTheTerd I have a fairly new macbook pro so the config stuff will be a little different on my computer. I restarted my computer a few times already (because when I played the modpack my mouse disappeared and I couldn't shut down...). Also my mac can run modpacks with like 112 mods within them perfectly. It's so weird that my modpack has so many issues!

@daytimepanther I'm pretty sure I did! I could check.

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Hmm, macbooks don't have dedicated GPU's on them(unless you get a really expensive one, which is a complete and utter waste of $$), so you will not be able to run the shaders smoothly. Also good luck using the mac, things never work for macs the way they should work on pc's, knowing you have a mac I can't help anymore

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@mytoecold Its not my pack it's yours, I would highly suggest you take the .zip for the pack and host it on yourself for download and create your own technic page for it, that way you have full control over the pack. Dropbox.com is a great free place to host the file(there is a 20gb bandwidth/day limit for free accounts, but unless a lot of people donwload the pack it will be fine)

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@mytoecold Turns out SUES shaders do not work on mac OS X, but there a few that do work for it such as sildurs, you will need to download which ever one you want (keep in mind these ones wont look as nice as SUES) and then delete any files located in the shaderpacks folder and replace them with the new ones downloaded from above

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@TerdyTheTerd So I just downloaded Rudoplays' Shaders and it works really well! But the only thing that's bothering me a ton is the fact that the entire game is hella laggy. Like, really laggy. I can run other modpacks with shaders fine! But even this one without shaders it lags. I don't know what the problem is. It's really pissing me off. 

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idk what to say, it runs fine on my machine, 200-300fps without shaders and 40-50fps with SUES Ultra Shaders. Try removing fastcraft and adding optifine, I know I said previously that fastcraft was better but it might not work on macs as well, aslo link me top one of those other modpacks that you can play just fine and Ill see what they have installed. PCMR

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