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Require JRE 1.7 for one mod? Really?

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Since Tekkit v3 was introduced a requirement on Java 7 was made. As a developer I know how important backwards compatibility is, and requiring a version of Java some can't get for one mod is pretty crazy.

I've been building Tekkit versions compatible with Java 1.6 since 3.0.4 with very minimal changes. I recommend that the developers take note and too do the same, then everyone is happy.

---- no ----

The _diff has the changed files over the official version of Tekkit. Also of note, only NetherOres was compiled with Java 7 (with no target to 1.6 -- it doesn't use 1.7 features). CodeChickenCore only contains a fix for where it is hardcoded to only accept CRLF line endings not LF.

So, given how small of a change it is to make NetherOres work on 1.6 (-target it or edit it manually) I believe the tekkit devs should seriously consider fixing this. It will make everyone happier that they aren't forced to install a specific version of Java


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We don't allow distribution of Tekkit builds outside of ours. i believe your releases are legitimate and you have properly recompiled the mods but you can't just restribute the entire package. If you want, send me a message with the recompiled versions and fixes and I will look into including them in the server package.

Also to clarify we do not compile these mods, the original mod developers/bukkit porters do. Should they build against 1.7? Probably not... but Java 7 has been required since Tekkit 2.1. (Advanced Machines also required Java 7 back then)

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Really, it's your own fault for not keeping up with Java Updates. Java 1.7 isn't even a Beta anymore. It's been an official, recommended release for months. If it really bothers you, then recompile it yourself or delete it.

Slight issue there is that LWJGL doesn't like Mac Java 7. That forces me to have 2 separate server and client computers.

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