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Regarding buckets of oil...

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Yup deployers need empty space to deploy their content for this and I'm quite sure you can't really spill out oil anywhere with a bucket anyway (can't right click with it to get oil out anyway), they can retrieve content from a tank but not deposit their content into it. I've got a similar problem, my refinery is way out in the woods and my base is not that far away but just enough that its not possible to do it with pipes, not sure how to retrieve that precious fuel I've made, was thinking about teleport pipes but they crash my server 90% of the time so I can't really use them.

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There's also the Oil Fabricator, which accepts IndustrialCraft EU's and makes oil. The conversion rate is 50,000 EU per bucket of oil. It's actually reasonably fast and cheap - considering that each bucket of oil can be refined into fuel that's worth 625,000 EU when converted back to IndustrialCraft EUs!

The net energy profit from the Oil Fabricator -> Refinery -> Combustion Engine -> Engine Generator process lets you build perpetual fuel-creating machines like this:


This is an array of 32 Combustion Engines running four refineries and two Oil Fabricators. The net fuel gain isn't anything to write home about, but I didn't take the time to optimise this. (I hate Buildcraft and only built this as a proof of concept.)

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